Watchman: “If Congress Cannot Yank in the Reins on the FBI and NSA After Millions of Confirmed Violations of Americans’ Rights, Only a Fool Would Expect Congress to Ever Give a Damn About the Constitution.” Much Less God’s People. House Speaker Johnson is a Disgrace.

SRH: ENEMY en’-e-mi (‘oyebh, tsar, tsar; echthros): “Enemy,” “enemies,” are frequent words in the Old Testament. The Hebrew word most often so translated is ‘oyebh, meaning perhaps literally, “one who hates”; very frequent in the Psalms, eg. 3:7; 6:10; 7:05; 8:02; 9:3, 1; 13:2, where the cry is often for deliverance from enemies. Another word for “enemy,” found chiefly in the poetical books, is tsar, or tsar, “distresser,” “straitener” (Numbers 10:9 Job 16:9 Psalm 27:2, 12, the Revised Version (British and American) “adversary,” etc.); also tsarar (Esther 3:10 Psalm 8:2; Psalm 10:5 the King James Version, etc.). Other words are `ar, “one awake” (1 Samuel 28:16 the King James Version; Daniel 4:19 the King James Version); sane’, perhaps, “to be sharp or bite” (Exodus 1:10 Proverbs 25:21; Proverbs 27:6); sharar, “to watch” (Psalm 5:8; Psalm 27:11), and qum, “to stand…


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