Watchman: George Bushwhacker, Says ‘You Are Either Standing With Israel Or You Are Standing With Hamas–Death by a Thousand Cuts: The Many Ways Our Rights Have Been Usurped Since 9/11

HNewsWire: The world is being prodded into a new War on Terror. This War on Terror, officially known as the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), was, or more properly is (since there is no real end date) a global campaign that was invented and implemented by the United States under the George W. Bush administration after the events of 9/11. This War on Terror ushered in years and years of endless wars with no real strategic goals and clear objectives, but was sold to Americans and the world as rooting out terrorism, and invading Iraq under the guise of hunting down Saddam Hussain and his “weapons of mass destruction” ruse. According to an archived blog post on the Bush White House website published in 2004, concluding Bush’s first term in office, the administration detailed all the orders and bills passed...

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