Hillary Rotten Clinton Is Calling For Re-Education Camps for MAGA Cult Members on National TV, Forget Clinton Body Count!

SRH: Send your political rivals to the gulag seems to be Hillary's political tenet, similar to Hitler or Joseph Stalin's. HNewsWire: Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton thinks Trump supporters need to be deprogrammed. Appearing on CNN this Thursday, she argued that Trump supporters are “cult members” who need “formal deprogramming” to make them “sane” again. Listen: As an example of a “sane” person, she pointed to the congressional Republicans who’d voted with Democrats on a continuing resolution to keep the government open. Clinton said, "At some point, maybe the cult members need to be formally deprogrammed." And it's sad that a lot of those extremists, especially MAGA extremists, follow Donald Trump's lead, who has no authority left at all. "He only wants what's best for himself." Her idea in the style of the Soviet...

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