Obama/Biden Foot Soldiers—Demonic Trans Activists Clash With Conservatives in Nashville, These Subhuman Antichrist Creatures Are Dangerous


Several thousand Tennesseans gathered at the state capitol in Nashville Friday to protest gender mutilation surgeries for minors. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) was one of the keynote speakers.

“Children first, and families first,” Blackburn said. “The radical left is trying to put their woke agenda on every single family in this state. Since the pandemic began, the left has been trying to tell you how to take care of your children. We will not let them do that here in Tennessee. It was appalling and shocking to hear a medical professional say they would put profits in front of children. Make your voice heard on this issue. I will do everything I can do at the federal level to make sure we protect our children.”

The protesters were confronted by profane pro-trans goons — many of whom appeared to behave as if they were controlled by demons. Watch videos below.

The Transhumanist Agenda

Over the past three years, I’ve written several articles exploring the transhumanist agenda, which all these mRNA shots and genetic technologies are part and parcel of. Basically, the goal of the transhumanist movement is to transcend biology through technology, and to meld human biology with technology and artificial intelligence.

In September 2020, I posted a video with Dr. Carrie Madej (above), in which she suggested we were standing at the crossroads of transhumanism, thanks to the fast approaching release of mRNA COVID-19 shots.

“One reason why it’s important to know whether synthetic RNA creates permanent changes in the genome is because synthetic genes are patented. If they cause permanent changes, humans will contain patented genes, and that brings up very serious questions, seeing how patents have owners, and owners have patent rights.”

Since these shots are designed to manipulate your biology, they have the potential to also alter the biology of the entire human race. Nearly two years later, we still don’t know the extent to which they might be doing that, yet more fast-tracked and untested gene therapies are on the way.

One reason why it’s important to know for certain whether synthetic RNA ends up creating permanent changes in the genome is because synthetic genes are patented. If they cause permanent changes, humans will contain patented genes, and that brings up very serious questions, seeing how patents have owners, and owners have patent rights.


Transgender Definition: Someone That Is Completely Void of God’s Plan in Their Life, Another Explanation, Monkeypox “Trans Evil”

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WHAT THE BIBLE SPECIFICALLY SAYS ABOUT TRANSGENDER BEHAVIOR—THAT IT IS AN “ABOMINATION.” Transgenderism’s embrace by popular culture presents Christians with difficult choices. Among those is the issue of personal pronouns: words such as he, him, his, or she, her, and hers. In some situations, those who wish to identify as the opposite of their biological sex prefer to be spoken of using pronouns that correspond to their preference, not their biology. For example, a male who self-identifies as female might ask to be referred to as “she” or “her.” Beyond this, some persons claim to be completely different genders or combinations of genders. Such persons might ask to be referred to using pronouns such as they or them, or even “new” words like xi, xim, or xer. So, does that mean a Christian can or should use “preferred pronouns,” even just to be polite? Or should believers make a point of not using…

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HNewsWire: We live in a confused and fallen world, and that confusion extends everywhere, so that even the most basic questions, like “what gender am I?” become difficult for some people to answer. Some people claim they were born as the wrong gender, or at least in the wrong body. A man may believe he is actually a female, but his soul is “stuck” in a male body. Such claims receive support from others who advocate a “gender-neutral” society. But those who view gender distinctions as nothing more than arbitrary labels or a “box” to be broken out of are actively rejecting God’s design in creation. Fundamental to our understanding of human sexuality is that God created two (and only two) genders. Currently, the world likes to consider gender (based on a social construct) as having nothing to do with…

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said Thursday that a radical transgender activist attempted to assassinate her for the second night in a row. Greene tweeted, “Swatted again last night.” The Georgia representative sent the following message to supporters: They failed in their attempt to impeach me from Congress. They failed when they filed multiple lawsuits to have a judge remove my name from the ballot. They failed when they tried to take me out in the Republican Primary. But now, after several failed attempts to remove me from office, they’re attempting to KILL ME. LITERALLY. At 1 a.m. on Wednesday, a radical transgender activist attempted to kill me by having my house “swatted” by the police. The radical leftist called the cops, reported a murder, and gave them my home address as the location in the hopes that they would…

Joe Biden Is a Very Sick Man, Ask The Demonic Jesuit Pope, Both Applauds Transgenderism, Both Encourages Sick Individuals to Pursue Their Sexual Deviance in Plain Sight, Right Is Wrong, Wrong Is Right, Tribulation on Full Display

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HNewsWire-Joe Biden is a sick man who supports transgenderism. Encourages ill people to pursue their sexual deviance in public with the introduction of a new ‘X’ gender marker, Right is Wrong, Wrong is Right On Thursday, Joe Biden will formally support Transgender Day of Visibility by establishing a new universal gender marker. According to the Associated Press, new steps aimed at opening the federal government to transgender persons include the addition of a new “X” gender designation on U.S. passport applications starting on April 11. New gender-neutral Transportation Security Administration scanners are also planned as part of the administration’s acceptance of transgenderism and LGBTQI+E For EVIL problems and persons. According to the Associated Press, the White House is also seeking to extend the availability of the “X” gender marker to airlines and government travel programs, as well as making it…

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YES, YES & YES, a self-righteous, hyper-liberal, pseudo academic, social re-engineering, deaf ego-maniac who wanted trans men to share bathrooms with little girls. PUKE, PUKE, PUKE HNewsWire: There Is No Such Thing as Children’s Consent, Transgender Children Are Mentally Confused, Transgender Individuals Are Completely Outside of God’s Will for Their Lives. A 17-year-old girl who regrets having both breasts removed as a result of so-called “gender-affirming care” testified before a California Assembly committee hearing on June 28, urging state lawmakers to reject proposed legislation that would make California a sanctuary state for transgender individuals. Chloe Cole of the Central Valley told the public safety committee, “I was medically transitioned between the ages of 13 and 16 and endured permanent repercussions as a result of surgeries and hormone therapy.” On June 28, 2022, Chloe Cole addresses an Assembly committee hearing for…


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