Watchman: The Victims of a Former Financial Advisor’s Ponzi Scheme Are Demanding an Explanation From Satan Soldiers at Morgan Stanley

HNewsWire: A former Morgan Stanley financial advisor has pleaded guilty to fraud and money laundering in what prosecutors said was a $7 million scam. Victims filed arbitration claims against the firm, alleging that it failed to reasonably supervise its employee. Morgan Stanley said it fired the advisor after the fraud was discovered. But it was a customer who alerted the firm. Victims want Morgan Stanley to answer for ex-financial advisor’s Ponzi scheme A former Morgan Stanley financial advisor has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison after admitting he ran a $7 million Ponzi scheme at the firm for more than a decade. But even though the scam targeted Morgan Stanley clients and the advisor admitted using a Morgan Stanley product to carry it out, the firm has fought efforts to hold it responsible. Victims say not only……...

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Hypocrite: Kamala Harris, a Critic of Acosta’s Epstein Plea Deal

In essence, “hypocrisy” refers to the act of claiming to believe something but acting in a different manner. The word is derived from the Greek term for “actor”—literally, “one who wears a mask”—in other words, someone who pretends to be what he is not. The Bible calls hypocrisy a sin. There are two forms hypocrisy can take: that of professing belief in something and then acting in a manner contrary to that belief, and that of looking down on others when we ourselves are flawed. So rather than spend five years behind bars, Filner got three months of house arrest, three years’ probation, and some loss of his mayoral pension. Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris is facing questions over a plea deal her office negotiated during her stint as California’s attorney general that allowed a disgraced former San Diego mayor to avoid registering as a…

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Bathroom bill makes BETO break promise to not swear

Why does God allow evil men like ? to come into power?” The Bible says that God is sovereign. This means that He is ultimately in control of everything, not just some things. He is in control of the weather (Psalm 148:8), life and death (Psalm 104:29-30), and even seemingly inconsequential happenings (Proverbs 16:33). God’s sovereignty extends to the rulers of nations. “Wisdom and power are his. He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them” (Daniel 2:20-21). One hundred, fifty years before the birth of Cyrus the Great, God was already calling him by name and promising to set him on the throne of Persia: “I will raise up Cyrus in my righteousness” (Isaiah 45:13). God’s sovereign plan allows for the pagan Cyrus, the proud Nebuchadnezzar, and, yes, the Hitlers and Husseins of the world. Romans…

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