Americans Should Be Very Leery About the “Marshall Plan” for “Main Street”

to Help Americans Recover From the Coronavirus Plandemic, I Think This Is and End Around to Get Everyone Vaccinated, After All Trump Brought in a Four Star General to Run the Program. You Should Question Everything the Trump Administration Tells You, That Goes for Any Politician in This Environment (Tribulations)… House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said during the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Thursday that President Donald Trump unleashed a “Marshall Plan” for “Main Street” to help Americans recover from the coronavirus pandemic. “As Republicans — we are proud to stand with him and to work for you. Together we built the greatest economy the world has ever seen — and we will do it again,” McCarthy said. McCarthy added that Trump and congressional Republicans tackled unfair trade deals and pursued better trade deals with the United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA)…


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