Joe Biden’s State of the Union Speech on Tuesday Was Riddled With Incoherent Ad-Libs and Flubs From His Prepared Text. Is This Our New President? Will, Just in Time for Tribulation

On Tuesday, Joe Biden Struggled Through His State of the Union Speech, Flubbing Numerous Lines From His Written Text and Improvising Phrases That Made No Sense. Is This the President of the United States? Just in Time for Tribulation, Will… Here is a list of his biggest mistakes: 1. Biden mistakenly says “Iranian people” instead of “Ukrainian people.” “Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks, but he will never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people,” he said in his speech. According to his prepared text, he was supposed to say “hearts and souls of the Ukrainian people.” 2. Biden refers to “a pound of Ukrainian people” Biden referred to “a pound of Ukrainian people.” His prepared text said “proud.” Biden later tried to say Ukrainians were fighting “pound for pound” with “every inch of ‘earnagy’” 3. Biden struggles…


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