Update: The Plandenic is Going to Get Dangerous: Food Riots in Sri Lanka Turn Deadly as Protesters Beat up Police, Burn Down Politicians’ Houses; Deadly Protests Spread In Iran, America Will See Bloodshed in the Streets Over Lack of Food; Google Knows the Truth, Ask That Demonic Platform, Don’t Expect The Truth!

HNewsWire: Massive public demonstrations have erupted in Iran since last week, as inflation and the crisis in Ukraine have caused flour-based food staples to rise by up to 300 percent – all while the government has slashed food subsidies. Facing skyrocketing costs and an economy already battered by years of US sanctions dating back to the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the JCPOA nuclear accord, the central government has few choices for providing assistance to the public, given that assets overseas remain restricted. Prior protest illustration: AP Demonstrators have been enraged by rising food costs and a shortage of critical supplies such as medications, resulting in conflicts with police who have used riot control techniques. According to the most recent sources, “According to unconfirmed social media video obtained by Reuters, at least six people were murdered and others were wounded in…


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