Watchman Warning, Pestilence: The Florida Health Department Has Issued an Urgent Warning Following the Death of a Man From a Suspected Brain-Eating Amoeba

HNewsWire: After a brain-eating amoeba apparently killed a Charlotte County man, Florida Department of Health (DOH) officials issued an urgent warning to citizens in south Florida. According to Fox4, the man died after using Naegleria fowleri-contaminated water to clear his sinuses. Following the incident, the DOH in Charlotte County released an amended press statement asking residents to stop using tap water in nasal rinses and to avoid getting any tap water up their noses. According to the press release, the infected tap water is safe to drink, but utilizing it to rinse the sinuses exposes the nasal passages to the amoeba. The DOH also stressed that becoming infected with Naegleria fowleri is “very unusual” in a Tweet issued on March 3. “Naegleria fowleri is a single-celled, tiny amoeba. In rare cases, the amoeba can develop a brain illness known as……...

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