Live Coverage Broadcasts Covering the Day’s Events In Virginia UPDate: YouTube Kill The LiveStream

 It’s important to follow the day’s events from a pro-America, pro-liberty, Christian point of view… I have been in contact with some Virginians, to say they are fed up with the elected officials is an understatement, they have informed me that they will take no more from the governor, or any of his under links that insist on violating their God-given right to protect their families, their homes and their God-given right to pursue happiness. SRH… URGENT FALSE FLAG warning for Jan. 20th “Lobby Day” in Virginia 21815 views The Left is sending Antifa operatives dressed as patriots to instigate acts of violence that can be caught on video by CNN cameras. It’s all part of pushing the false narrative that “gun owners are terrorists.” LIVE – with pro-America broadcast coverage and videos (Natural News) With the treasonous deep…


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