Sexually Perverted Homosexuals, Whom We the People Elected:Chasten Buttigieg Leads Children in Pledge to Rainbow Flag — ‘to the Homosexual Agenda for Which It Stands’ You Should Understand Violates All of God’s Rules

HNewsWire has discovered that our stories have been censored by all three main search engines, including DuckDuckGo. Therefore, if you want to know the truth, you should visit the website directly rather than relying on search engines for important news updates. Welcome to the new world order, in which you will read just what they (NWO) want you to read through Google, Twitter, Facebook, and the bulk of smaller social media sites. Truth has been criminalized and justice has been obliterated; welcome to hell on earth through our elected politicians, officially named Satan Soldiers! SRH: Homosexuality Violates All of God’s Rules,They Went Above and Beyond to Ensure That Your Kids Can Go Woke Just After waking… The homosexual sin virus violates all of God’s rules, while I’ll try to be sensible in my fight against destruction, I will also be…


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