Satan Soldiers–Gov. Gruesome Insists California’s Pending COVID-19 Verification System Not a ‘Vaccine Passport’

When All Else Fails Just Lie… Make It Up as You Go Along, Sell Your Air Time to the Highest Bidder, and Never Look Back. in the Internet Age, People Are Pretty Keen on Fact Checking, Rebutting, Arguing, and Gathering Stats, and There Are Enough Facts Available to Prove Any Side to Any Story… In Fact, This Has Become an Art Form for Major Media, and the Ability to Gather Facts in Accordance With an Agenda is a Profitable Skill for the Mainstream Media, Lying Has Always Worked, and the Bigger the Lie, the More Likely It is to Be believe. California is developing a COVID-19 vaccine verification system that will enable people who have gotten a jab to show proof of the shot to businesses, Gov. Gavin Newsom says. “We’ll be doing something that provides you the opportunity, and we’ll announce this…


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