Watchman: Medical Assistance in Dying (Maid) Recommended That “Mature Minors” Whose Deaths Were “Reasonably Foreseeable” Could Access Assisted Suicide, Even Without Parental Consent

HNewsWire: Opponents condemn the “The panel urged the government to pass legislation permitting kids under the age of 18 with terminal conditions to die through assisted suicide. A plan by a Canadian legislative committee to expand the country’s assisted-suicide program to terminally sick children has been blasted as “reckless” and “horrible” by campaigners. They told that sick and disabled children might soon join the nearly 10,000 adults who die each year through state-sanctioned euthanasia in the world’s most permissive such program. The Special Joint Committee on Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) suggested in its long-awaited report that “adult minors” whose deaths were “reasonably foreseeable” might obtain assisted suicide even without parental authorization. The report and its 23 recommendations will be debated in the House of Commons in the coming months, with amendments to Canada’s assisted dying laws possible as…


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