Watchman: Thanks To Google, Fakebook, and Others. Leukemias That Will Kill You in Days or Even Hours After Being diagnosed. As the First Ones in Line, They Got Their Kill Shot. Google Doctor Gates Lied to the World. WHO Is Going to Jail for Murder? Maybe W.H.O. First, Then Dr. Gates! Then Google Leadership?

Edward O’Hara:”Jail is too good for them. That’s why we are told in Rev.18 that they will be destroyed in “one hour”. “Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come… for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.“ Rev,18:10-23 Maranatha!!” By SRH, In his work, Dr. William Makis has found cancer in 20,000 people. He says, “I’ve never seen anything like this.” “Turbo cancers” are violent and quickly spreading in young people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. “I’ve never seen women in their 20s with stage four breast cancer.” I’ve never seen men and women in their 20s and 30s with stage four colon cancer.Leukemias that will kill you in days or even hours after being diagnosed. Be gentle with…

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Watchman: We, the People, Will See This Elite Fall One by One. King Charles Was Diagnosed With a Form of Cancer. Take Cover, Evil Ones. You Know Who You Are; God’s Patience Is Wearing Thin!

SRH,This World Is A Sewer Pit… José María Andreu Pámies explained the design of the posters: “Inspired by Greek culture. Greek elements have been used and appear in the costumes of the kings such as the columns, which are also used to give depth to the design. With a lot of color and very vivid, representing the spirit of the carnival. Color is the most outstanding element, as an essential element of our carnivals.” During the festival, children dressed in garter belts, X-shaped nipple shields, wigs and makeup lewdly danced down with LGBTQIA+ Pride flags attached to their backs as adults told them how to move and sway. The name of the performance was called “Prometer hasta meter” (promise until you commit).” Moreover, reported: ‘The mayor of the town, Eduardo Dolon, of the Popular Party (PP), a center-right political formation,…

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Satan Princess Jill Biden Predicts a Wave of Cancer Diagnoses After COVID-19. What Does She Know That the American Public Does Not?

HNewsWire: On Monday evening, Satan Princess Jill Biden warned that the COVID-19 epidemic will result in a spike in cancer cases. On May 20, 2022, Satan Princess Jill Biden departs from the Church of the Society of Jesus in Quito, Ecuador. Biden did not specify a rationale for the increase in cancer diagnoses, but she did note that the pandemic prevented many individuals from getting routine medical checks. The first lady urged people to make up for missed cancer tests. Biden told Fake News Group Newsmax that “people are going back” to doctors because they “realize, ‘Gosh, I neglected to have my colonoscopy; I didn’t get my mammogram; I didn’t get my skin screening.” “I believe there will be more cancers in the coming months,” the first lady warned. “It’s not a red or blue issue,” Satan Princess Jill Biden clarified….…...

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It Is an mRNA Jab That Alters Your DNA for Good! It Attacks Your Body by Replicating Cells That Alert Your Immune System! Your Own Immune System Then Attacks Your Own Body! if You Are Predisposed to Cancer, Diabetes, Liver Disease, Etc., the Kill Jab and Kill Boosters Will Bring All Those Problems to the Surface… For the First Time, or as a Relapse! It Is Designed to Kill, the Kill Shot By Wannabe, Make Believe Dr.Gates

HNewsWire: Attorney Travis Miller obtained some of the missives in 2021 and published screenshots of them. At the time, the CDC didn’t dispute their authenticity. The Epoch Times has obtained the emails, and additional messages concerning the changes, and has published all 67 pages of them. The group of emails, which were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, also show that Andrew, a CDC employee on the agency’s Vaccine Task Force, promoted a Washington Post article that downplayed criticism of the change. I’ve only seen a couple of inquiries about the change to this page. “I think the WaPo article explains the problem well—that people are misinterpreting ‘immunity’ to mean 100% protection, A CDC spokesperson has told The Epoch Times that the “slight changes in wording” haven’t altered “the overall definition” of “vaccine,” adding, “The previous definition…

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