Watchman Warning: “The Majority of COVID Symptoms Can Be Triggered by Graphene Oxide Alone. This Is a Chemical Warfare Agent, Not a Virus or Spike Protein.” They Are Killing Us Slowly With a Chemical Warfare Agent, Thank Google, Bill Gates et al.

We really appreciate your help. Maintaining the websites and live streaming videos requires a substantial financial commitment. Any amount contribution is much appreciated. Please think about contributing a reasonable amount on a monthly basis. Please Give Please Give You can also send a check to PO Box 127, Pontotoc, TX 76869. The HIMEDIA Group. By SRH,   Link To Full Patent_3D Reduced Graphene Oxide_Cloud Seeding CCN US20220002159A1 Graphene Oxide Toxicity GRAPHENE OXIDE (GO) discoveries: GO fibers are in plastic masks. GO fibers are on PCR test swabs. GO is in all Covid-19 vaccines. GO creates thromboses. GO causes blood clots. GO disrupts the immune system. GO can trigger a cytokine storm. GO toxicity can instigate pneumonia. GO creates a metallic taste in the mouth. GO causes inflammation of the mucous membranes. GO produces a loss in the sense of…


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