Watchman’s Update: CNN’s Cooper: Arrogance of Unvaccinated Is ‘Infuriating’ — Shirking ‘Responsibilities’ to Society — Mr Cooper Too Bad You Don’t Feel the Same Way About Homosexuals

Spreading Sexually Transmitted Diseases (AID) Across the Globe and Carry Banners Affirming How Proud They Are of Their Vile Lifestyle Between 2019 and 2020, everyone at CNN, every anchor, and correspondent voluntarily whored over their souls to andrew cuomo. Cooper, tapper, blitzer, camerota, stelter, keiler, lemon, berman… they all spent a year denying and covering up andrew’s cuomo’s pile of serial scandals – sexual and otherwise. They all spent a year mythologizing andrew cuomo as america’s governor. They collectively spent a year presenting andrew cuomo as a president-in-waiting to take down trump. Knowing all about the zucker-gollust-andrew cuomo link, every major figure at CNN nonetheless whored out their ethics and journalistic credibility to spew truckloads of falsehoods in service to this jaw-dropping corruption. And this network-wide corruption to elevate andrew cuomo surely contributed to damaging forever the CNN brand, which…


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