Watchmen: Only Three Police Officers Patrolled the Major District as Baltimore City Implodes and the Police Force Collapses–Tribulation

By SRH, The extreme leftists running Baltimore City Hall have pushed the metro area just north of Washington, DC, into catastrophic conditions. It is strongly recommended to steer clear of the metro area due to the escalating violent crime rates. Failed attempts at social justice reforms, police defending, and a general lack of trust in law enforcement have led to a severely understaffed police force that is unable to ensure the safety of residents in certain parts of the city. According to a report by Fox Baltimore last Tuesday, only three police officers were available for duty in the Southern Police District, which serves over 61,000 residents. Please Help Donate GiveSendGo Be a part of it. Give immediately. Make a donation today to help me continue. It is disheartening that Democrats continuously evade accountability for their failed policies, which…


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