Second Woe In Play: Atheist China Is Our Enemy — China Has ‘ Monetary Nuclear Bombs’ If West Levies Russia-Style Sanctions, Beijing Warns — Someone Tell Timmy Cook, CEO of Apple and His Homosexual Friends That are 3% of the Population — Apple’s in Trouble! All of You That are Normal,Christian Dump Apple

They’ll Never Take Jesus Out Of My Heart–StevieRay Hansen HNewsWire: Washington had never publicly considered punishing the world’s second-largest economy with damaging financial and economic sanctions, like kicking China out of the international Swift payment system and freezing its foreign reserves. But that changed when Russia was hit with them for invading Ukraine. Now, the size of these sanctions and how quickly they were put into place have shown Beijing what it could face if it helps Moscow or tries to force Taiwan back together with the Chinese mainland. Do you want to know more about the biggest issues and trends in the world? Variety of media outlets Knowledge, our new platform with curated content like explainers, FAQs, analyses, and info-graphics made by our award-winning team, can help you find the answers. But Russia isn’t China. China’s economy is about…


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