Watchman: the Controversial Work Done by Chinese Military Scientists at the Wuhan Laboratory Was Funded by this Sick SOB Dr. Peter Hotez

HNewsWire: Many COVID vaccine skeptics reported an unusual number of “sudden deaths” happening lately. Such reports are always dismissed as “biased.” And, perhaps, they are biased. I have to admit that I am biased, too, and that keeps me from blaming Covid vaccines for various isolated incidents that I know of. However, we now have Peter Hotez, one of the most rabid Covid vaccine promoters, unwittingly join the “reporting unusual sudden deaths” club. Professor Hotez’s today’s tweet laments the sudden passing of his “close colleagues and friends.” Peter mentions that they were “still active when they passed,” so he means sudden deaths. His suddenly deceased friends were “champions of global health”; tireless Covid vaccine advocates like himself. Professor Hotez is not sure what to blame for these tragedies. Overwork? Exhaustion? – he asks. I am also not sure; perhaps it…


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