Watchman: Mad Man Fauci Says The Unvaccinated Should Be Locked Down To Increase Uptick, As COVID Fear Propaganda Persists SRH, Fauci, Screw You Subhuman Parasite!

HNewsWire: The despicable Intelligence Industrial Complex and their wicked sociopathic puppets are shamelessly plotting to unleash their malevolent Sentinel technology, fully prepared to monitor, manipulate, and ultimately annihilate a staggering 90% of humanity. They delight in commencing with their cherished ultra-expendable lab humans in Africa, relishing the prospect of subsequently extending their reach to the entirety of the world. Refuse to obey. “If you have a vaccine available, you might want to lock down temporarily so you can get everybody vaccinated,” Fauci said. Both mainstream and popular alternative media are flouting a new cycle of headlines for the potential of lockdowns and isolation returning, along with a return to masking and to receive a new vaccination. At the same time in recent days Dr. Anthony Fauci made a return, once again touting the effectiveness of lockdowns and to even use…


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