Watchman Who’s Going to Jail Cardiologist Blows Whistle: All Hospital ‘COVID Deaths’ Were ‘Murdered’–Bill Gates Should be First!

SRH, Watchman: Who’s Going to Prison? Cardiologist Comes Clean: All “COVID Deaths” in Hospitals Were “Murdered” In a shocking testimony, a well-known cardiologist has come clean about the real reason behind the deaths of individuals whose diagnoses were labeled as “covid.” In testimony given before the Novel Coronavirus Southwestern Intergovernmental Committee, Dr. Peter McCullough discussed the startling number of alleged COVID-19 deaths in hospital settings both during and after the outbreak. All in attendance were astonished, nevertheless, by McCullough’s claim that the virus did not kill any patients. Instead, McCullough informed the panel that the hospital where each patient received “treatment” actually “murdered” them, despite the fact that their cause of death was recorded as “COVID.” McCullough said that hospitals gained more money the more patients they killed. Huge financial incentives were given to hospitals to put deadly policies in…


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