There Is a Clear Excess of Mental Health Diagnoses in the Months After COVID-19 Infection. Individuals Have a Higher Chance of Developing Psychiatric Disorders Within About Four Months of Contracting the China, Bill Gates,Satan Soldiers Man Made Virus

HNewsWire: Infection with COVID-19 has been linked to an increased incidence of mental diagnoses, particularly anxiety disorders. (Shutterstock) Data from the National COVID Cohort Collaborative were utilized in the study, which was published in World Psychiatry on May 7. (N3C). They compared 46,610 COVID-19-infected individuals with control patients diagnosed with a different respiratory tract infection (RTI). Researchers were able to examine how COVID-19 influenced the mental health of those who were infected as a result of this. Prior to 21 days following a COVID-19 diagnosis, no participants with any history of mental illness were included in the research. Medical records dating back one year previous to the diagnosis of COVID-19 were also omitted from the study. A total of 46,610 COVID-19 patients were studied over the course of two time periods: the early post-acute phase, which occurred between 21 and…


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