Medical Terrorism: Company CEO Suggests No Public Health Care for Unvaccinated

Those who decline to acquire a COVID-19 vaccine should be “automatically regarded” to have waived their entitlement to COVID-19 treatment in a public hospital, according to the CEO of a major medical equipment manufacturer. According to Stefan Dräger, CEO of Dräger, a prominent German medical producer, anyone who refuse to acquire a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus vaccine should not be allowed to receive publicly financed hospital care for the condition. Dräger is regarded as one of the world’s leading ventilator manufacturers. “Anyone who declines immunization must forego hospital care,” he added, according to a German-to-English translation of other German media quoting Welt. “If he declines, it is instantly regarded a patient decree that if he contracts the virus, he will not be treated in a hospital at the expense of the general public,” Dräger said in the interview, which…


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