Be Prepared to Say No, Watchman: Biden Is Working on a New COVID Kill Shot, AKA Vaccines for “Everyone.” — Screw You, Biden, You Go First

HNewsWire: Biden said on Friday that he would be requesting more money from Congress to develop a new and improved COVID-19 Kill Shot, or vaccine, for “everybody.” With claims that COVID-19 waves are still widespread, the Biden administration is getting ready to compel Americans to obtain further immunizations. Upon the completion of the new vaccine, it will be “tentatively” advised “that everybody get it,” as Biden put it: “I signed off this morning on a proposal we have to present to the Congress, a request for additional funding for a new vaccine that is necessary and that works.” Breitbart reports that the newest omicron strain, XBB.1.5, is the target of the current vaccine attempt. Current combination shots include both the original coronavirus strain and the most common variations from the previous year; the suggested vaccines would be different. Pharmaceutical powerhouses……...

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The Trail of Blood From the COVID Kill Shots, No One Has Ever Actually Isolated This Virus? Why, Because There Is NO COVID Virus, Only Evil Monsters Like Fauci and Bill Gates

HNewsWire: By Joseph Mercola October 16, 2022 Updated: October 18, 2022 You may be infected right now and not know it. Infectious viruses from these surprising sources slip in and cut open your DNA like scissors to insert their own genetic material, which replicates and spreads throughout your body. Transmittable to your offspring, they may be behind autism, HIV, chronic fatigue and more. Download Interview Transcript | Download my FREE Podcast STORY AT-A-GLANCE A retrovirus is a virus that contains RNA encoded genes rather than DNA. Using reverse transcriptase, the retrovirus is able to transform the single-stranded RNA into a double-stranded DNA When the retrovirus infects a host, it integrates its DNA into the DNA of the host cell, which allows the retrovirus to replicate itself and spread through the host One example of a transmissible retrovirus is the HIV virus, which can…

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Satan Soldiers at Pfizer Continue to Mislead the Public About COVID Vaccine

There Hype Fails to Mention the Facts… Pfizer recently announced that its Covid vaccine was more than 90 percent “effective” at preventing covid-19. Shortly after this announcement, Moderna announced that its Covid vaccine was 94.5 percent “effective” at preventing covid-19. Unlike the flu vaccine, which is one shot, both Covid vaccines require two shots given three to four weeks apart. Hidden toward the end of both announcements, were the definitions of “effective.” Both trials have a treatment group that received the vaccine and a control group that did not. All the trial subjects were covid negative prior to the start of the trial. The analysis for both trials was performed when a target number of “cases” were reached. “Cases” were defined by positive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing. There was no information about the cycle number for the PCR tests. There was no information about whether the “cases” had symptoms or…

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