RFK Jr. Is Not the Solution, Watchman. There Is No Political Answer to This mRNA Problem, but Because They Lack Discernment, Deceived Christians Believe There Is. Who Use “Hopium” Believe They Will Be Caught up in the Rapture Prior to the Antichrist Appearance. Before Mao Massacred Millions of Them, the Chinese Christians in China Were Given Instruction in the Aforementioned

HNewsWire: Before reading the article that follows and watching the 1:00-minute video of RFK Jr. endorsing vaccines that is embedded in the link, I believed that RFK Jr. would make a better president. He favors vaccination. That’s accurate. Additionally, he wants laws that mandate vaccinations for all Americans. He’s only opposed to the COVID-19 vaccine, making him the ideal “Trojan Horse.” He’ll probably believe the lie that the upcoming “new” vaccine is “safer,” and he’ll push it like Trump did a year ago. Do you know that a new vaccine is on the way? I overheard Trump claiming that the upcoming “new” COVID vaccine is safer than the current one a year ago. This “new” vaccine, in my opinion, will be required. People will be advised to take it because it is safer, or else “No vaccine. No food.” (The…


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