Watchman: We Should Not Grant COVID Amnesty to Anyone, Because What He (Dershowitz) Said Previously Assisted the Government in Purposely Injuring and Killing People Through the Scam. Gene Injection and mRNA Technology

HNewsWire: Dr. Lee Merritt: How mRNA vaccines killed animals during testing and how mRNA vaccines could be used to kill millions of people by first injecting them with the so-called vaccine and then releasing a counterpart even years later to be killed at will. She calls this a binary poison (as it’s in two parts); we have never made it with this type of mRNA vaccine for this type of virus. We have no idea today what is in the vaccine—none! Could we, as a nation, be set up with a binary weapon where we got the shot and then, at some point in the future, they release the virus (or something similar) and we have catastrophic, massive antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of infection and disease? Could this happen? Neither you nor I have any idea what is in the shot.…


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