Watchman Reporting :”I Have So Many Soldiers Being Destroyed by This COVID Kill Shot mRNA Technology Vaccine,” Says Dr. Theresa Long, a US Military Medical Officer

The Figures Have Been Done. COVID-19 Is a Bio-Weapon Designed for the Purpose of Killing SRH: Here Are Some Poignant Words From One Who Understood the Evils of Arbitrary Rule: “Whenever the Legislators Endeavor to Take Away and Destroy the Property of the People, or to Reduce Them to Slavery Under Arbitrary Power, They Put Themselves in a State of War With the People, Who Are Thereupon Absolved From Any Further Obedience.” John Locke, 1632-1704. HNewsWire: Everywhere, Evil Is Attempting to Take Over. American Health Care, as We Call It Today, and for All Its High-Tech Miracles, Has Evolved Into One of the Most Atrocious Rackets the World Has Ever Seen. By Racket, I Mean an Enterprise Organized Explicitly to Make Money Dishonestly. HNewsWire: “No one in my senior leadership has addressed my concerns; I have nothing to gain and…


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