Watchman: Authorities in Australia Label “Premillennialism” as an Extremist Ideology, Linking It to Terrorists. Christians Are Now on the Elitist Hit List, and Tribulations Are Promised to Be Ugly. Many Good Men and Women Will Perish Because of Evil Men (Bill Gates and Co.) Who Are Hell-Bent on Controlling Humanity, Tribulation Year Four

HNewsWire: Bill Gates and Co The whole structure of our government now works against the interests of the average American. Use internal strife to defeat an enemy. Many people go along that broad route to hell. Joe, you need to set the pace — you and your evil government have a place in hell waiting for them. Smiling Satan Soldiers (demons) in that picture: The destruction of America is at hand. Do we care how Satan’s smiling minions in the photo define marriage? This is what evil looks like! The Pope has declared Demonic Biden a devout Catholic who is eligible to receive Holy Communion. His evil policies gained traction because of the “Devil” Pope’s support. HNewsWire is warning that the recently approved Respect for Marriage Act WILL end up being used to target and suppress Christian and other traditional……...

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