Every Dog Has It’s Day-Fauci Tests Positive for COVID-19, Oh What a Relief to the Vaccines Stuff—Dr. Fauci, 81, Is Fully Vaccinated and Has Been Boosted Twice and Now Sick?

HNewsWire: In the words of Dr. Satan Soldier Dr. Anthony Fauci: ‘Do what you’re told.’ This is in spite of the fact that — Dr. Fauci, please kiss our American a**s. — Hello? The National Institutes of Health has confirmed that President Biden’s main medical advisor, Anthony Fauci, has been infected with the coronavirus COVID-19. 81-year-old Dr. Anthony Fauci is completely protected and has had two booster shots, according to a statement from the NIH. The CDC says he has minor symptoms and hasn’t been in direct touch with President Biden or other high-ranking government officials lately. Director Fauci, who has been at the helm of the NIAID since 1984, obtained a positive quick antigen test result and will return to work at the NIH when the results come back negative, according to the agency’s announcement. Paxlovid, an antiviral medication…


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