Watchman: Imagine a Scenario Where You’ve Diligently Gathered Supplies, Foreseeing a Potential Crisis. However, It’s Important to Note That There Are Regulations in Place Regarding Food Stockpiling, and Authorities Will Intervene to Collect Such Provisions–Our Elected Working For The People

HNewsWire The government forbids food stockpiling, and FEMA will seize your food stockpile if you have been storing food in anticipation of an unexpected crisis. You need to view this if you’ve been hoarding supplies in case of an emergency. The government just quietly approved a rule that gives FEMA the right to seize your food supply. Even worse, they stated that the government could distribute your stockpile to residents who haven’t made preparations. You’ll agree that there’s a lot wrong with that. When did America become a communist nation? And why should being prepared be punished? SRH: Have you ever pondered upon the curious notion of America transforming into a communist state? And who should bear the burden of retribution for their foresight? Fortunately, a courageous individual has revealed this disturbing scheme. Revelation: A Blueprint for the Great Tribulation……...

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Watchman: The United Nations (U.N.), the World Economic Forum (WEF), the European Union (EU), and Other International Forces Are Determined to Transform Civilization. They Are Directly Responsible for the Escalating Food Crisis, Satan Soldiers Working Against the People

Warning From the Watchman: This Month, Satan’s Soldiers Will Be Using Food Vaccines. Specifically, They Will Be Using mRNA Vaccines in Pigs and Cows. This Month: Aren’t All of These Theories Just Conspiracies? — Inform TWITTER AKA X, Fakebook, and Dark Google of HNW Findings By StevieRay Hansen | September 30, 2023 | 0 Comments HNewsWire: Here’s What Satan’s Soldier (Bill Gates) Are Selling: Vaccines have accomplished “near miracles” in the fight against infectious disease. They have consigned smallpox to history and should soon do the same for polio. By the late 1990s, an international campaign to immunize all the world’s children against Six devastating diseases were reportedly reaching 80 percent of infants (up from about 5 percent in the mid-1970s) and was reducing the annual death toll from those infections by roughly three million. Yet these victories mask tragic…

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According to Satan Soldiers, “Everything Is Fine.” What the Media Isn’t Warning You about Is that the US Is Heading Towards an Epic Food Crisis.

During a conference a few month’s ago addressing Biden’s “Build Back Better” proposal, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was challenged with concerns about increasing inflation. She went on to deliver probably the stupidest (or most devious) denial on the origins of inflation that I have ever heard, after referring to increasing petrol prices as the “Putin Tax.” She said, It’s vital to discourage some of those who say, well, it’s government spending while we’re having this conversation.” No, it does not. Government expenditure is accomplishing the opposite, lowering the national debt. It does not cause inflation. Anyone with a rudimentary grasp of economics and how central banks work must have had their heads burst when they heard this. I certainly did. But, before I get into the numerous reasons why this claim is completely false in every way, I want to…

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