Watchman: Central Planners Are Pulling Double Shifts Developing Plans and Proposals to Control What You Consume, How You Travel and Cook, Where Your Money Is Spent, and Much, Much more the Ungodly Davos WEF Crowd the UN, IMF, World Bank, and Central Bankers—Bud Light Them—Just Say Kiss Our A**

HNewsWire: Central planners are pulling double shifts.  Contriving plans and proposals to control what you consume, how you travel and cook, where your money is spent, and much, much more. You know who we’re talking about.  The Davos WEF crowd.  The UN, IMF, World Bank, and central bankers.  Washington lobbyists, NGOs, public/private partnerships, technical advisory committees, nonprofits, and everything in between.  We’re also talking about your meddling neighbor, and many others. What’s their deal?  Do they think they’re making the world a better place?  And, if so, a better place for who – them or you? Could something more devious be guiding their advancements? In Das Kapital, for example, Karl Marx bemoans capitalism for exploiting labor to produce surplus value.  His main gripe was that 19th century laborers worked for mere wages while some factory owners got incredibly rich. To eradicate……...

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According to the Watchman, the IMF’s Leader Has Declared That the Organization Is “Working Hard” to Create a Single “Global” Digital Currency. I Refuse to Give Control Of My Money to a Fat Man in a Foreign Country. Will You?

  WATCH: Fat Man plans to seize control of Your wallet, The man can’t control his own weight. Must less other people’s money. these Elitist are Full of Sh** Carsten’s plans to seize control of the wallets of the world resemble those touted by Joe Biden. HNewsWire: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief has announced that the global organization is “working hard” on the creation of a single “global” digital currency.IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgievahe announced the plan to introduce a universal Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) during a presentation at a conference in Morocco.The announcement comes as governments around the world work to transition to a cashless society and eliminate physical currency entirely.According to Georgievahe, the IMF intends to launch a single digital currency that will be accepted globally in order to “connect countries” and make transactions “fairer.””At the…

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A New World Monetary Order Is Coming

(IMF), Is Preparing to Roll Out Central Bank Digital Currencies… The global coronavirus pandemic has accelerated several troubling trends already in force. Among them are exponential debt growth, rising dependency on government, and scaled-up central bank interventions into markets and the economy. Central bankers now appear poised to embark on their biggest power play ever. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, in coordination with the European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), is preparing to roll out central bank digital currencies. The globalist IMF recently called for a new “Bretton Woods Moment” to address the loss of trillions of dollars in global economic output due to the coronavirus. In the aftermath of World War II, the original Bretton Woods agreement established a world monetary order with the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency. Importantly, the dollar was to be pegged…

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