According to the Watchman, the IMF’s Leader Has Declared That the Organization Is “Working Hard” to Create a Single “Global” Digital Currency. I Refuse to Give Control Of My Money to a Fat Man in a Foreign Country. Will You?


WATCH: Fat Man plans to seize control of Your wallet, The man can't control his own weight. Must less other people's money. these Elitist are Full of Sh**

Carsten’s plans to seize control of the wallets of the world resemble those touted by Joe Biden.

HNewsWire: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief has announced that the global organization is "working hard" on the creation of a single "global" digital currency.IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgievahe announced the plan to introduce a universal Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) during a presentation at a conference in Morocco.The announcement comes as governments around the world work to transition to a cashless society and eliminate physical currency entirely.According to Georgievahe, the IMF intends to launch a single digital currency that will be accepted globally in order to "connect countries" and make transactions "fairer.""At the IMF, we are working hard on the concept of a global CBDC platform," Georgievahe said.She went on to say that CBDCs must be interoperable across borders because "if we are to be successful, CBDCs cannot be fragmented national propositions.""We need systems that connect countries to make transactions more efficient and fair," Georgieva continued."In other words, we need interoperability.

"According to the IMF's chief, global digital currencies would "enable more people to access financial services while lowering costs.""CBDCs can provide more resilient and efficient payment systems," as well as "a cheaper and faster way to do cross-border payments, pass remittances, and also simplify other transfers."WATCH:"At the IMF, we are working hard on the concept of a global CBDC platform." Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director: 19, 2023—TTim Hinchliffe (@TimHinchliffe)However, some have warned that a global digital currency held by unelected globalist entities could usher in a hyper-centralized techno-Communist dystopia.All purchases can be tracked and even linked to a social credit score system with a single centralized digital wallet.The announcement comes as globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum (WEF) push for a cashless society and control over the public's private spending.

As previously reported by Slay News, a video of one of the world's most powerful bankers boasting about plans to eliminate cash and gain "absolute control" over the global population through the use of digital money surfaced last year.Agustin Carstens, the General Manager of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and a WEF member, is featured in the video discussing the "advantages" of a cashless society.Carstens, a former IMF Deputy Managing Director, sends a troubling message about the future of the financial surveillance state and central banks' plans to gain "absolute control" over everyone's money.Last year, Biden signed an executive order seizing control of cryptocurrencies and laying the groundwork for a cashless society in America.In the meantime, governments and financial institutions are warming to the idea of instituting a global CBDC.A CBDC would completely replace traditional physical cash and would be completely controlled by globalist authorities in ways never before possible.

The move would give authorities unprecedented power, allowing governments to prevent people from purchasing food if they "spread disinformation" online, for example.A centralized CBDC would also allow authorities to track people's spending and penalize those with a high "carbon footprint."Central bankers are now promoting the idea of combining CBDCs and digital IDs as plans for a cashless society advance.According to Slay News, the idea of combining the two technologies was celebrated at the IMF/WBG Annual Meeting last year.Cecilia Skingsley, head of the Bank for International Settlements' Innovation Hub, made the case for pushing the combined technologies on a hesitant public.Skingsley, an official "agenda contributor" to Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum, agreed with other speakers who stated that introducing CBDC is not a "universal solution."Skingsley, on the other hand, insists that a global CBDC must be linked with digital IDs "in a package.

"Skingsley framed this as a need to advance "digital literacy," with the first priority being to lock people's sensitive data into digital IDs.She compared forcing the public to accept such a plan to forcing society to adopt electricity or sewage systems in the past."I think we need to be a little bit bold here right now in the sense that we shouldn't get in the way of the private sector, but I think sometimes in history you have to push society into new equilibriums," the banker explained."Our forefathers did it when it came to constructing electricity, sewage systems, and the like."Extremely beneficial."Now we want to do it again with money, and it would be good for banks as well when society takes its steps." is the source.

Watchman’s Update: Governments Worldwide Will Soon Force Their Citizens to Use Central Bank Digital Currencies CBDCs. CBDCs Will Enable Devious Social Engineering by Allowing Governments to Punish and Reward People

By StevieRay Hansen | May 29, 2024 |

SRH: Bidumb is doing havoc on our nation. NWO HELL ON EARTH The Land of the Free couldn’t care less how they are viewed. The technocracy’s leaders must destroy brains and intellectuals in order to convince the steeple to support the planned “epidemic.” MOST Watchmen makes no attempt to conflate truth and agreement. Most Watchmen draw NO distinction between God’s message and the word of all those in authority… HNewsWire: The monstrous inflation we’ve seen in recent years began with asset inflation and then spread to consumer prices. Now, governments and statistical bodies are tinkering with the CPI calculation to mask the currency’s loss of purchasing power, and central banks were forced to raise rates following the disaster created in 2020, when the massive increase in money supply went to finance bloated government spending and created the mess we live in…


This Is What CBDC’s Are Being Built For–Digital Currencies Granting Total Control Over Every Transaction, Even Limiting What Ordinary People Are Allowed to Spend Their Money On

By StevieRay Hansen | May 3, 2024 |

HNewsWire Update: Presently, new digital currencies produced by central banks are being used in over 90% of the world’s nations. Since OffG and others have been covering the push for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) for years, we don’t need to rehash tired talking points. To put it simply, full transaction monitoring is possible with all digital currencies. If the currency could be programmed, then total control over every transaction would be feasible. Check out our extensive past archive on CBDCs for more details. It is apparent that CBDCs are a potentially horrifying nightmare that will infringe upon the rights of every individual forced to utilize them, but what role do they play in international governance? “Interoperability” is the word in response. Though they will theoretically be separate from one another, most national CBDCs throughout the world are being coded…


Update 3/21/24:CBDCs Is a Major Red Flag, Compulsory Use of a CBDC, Like a Digital Dollar for Example, Would Give Central Planners Complete Oversight and Control Over Your Finances, Tribulation Coming

By StevieRay Hansen | March 21, 2024 |

Update 3/21/24: They Lied to Us Once Lied Again, The U.S. Federal Reserve and President Joe Biden’s administration have emphasized the importance of developing digital currency. Despite previous statements, the Fed recently informed Congress that the creation of a digital dollar is one of its main responsibilities. Republican Rep. Tom Emmer disclosed this information, underscoring the Biden administration’s commitment to advancing CBDC development. The congressman clarified that his office had received it while the Fed representatives were at Congress for a presentation. The document states that digital “payment systems” are considered one of the “primary responsibilities of the Fed.” Included in the “primary responsibilities” are the creation of the CBDC and FedNow – the Federal Reserve’s digital cash payment system. The mention of Automated Clearinghouse and FedNow among the “key duties” triggered the alarm. These payment systems are commonly seen…


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