Watchman Reporting on WEF: The World’s Elite Has Arrived in Davos on Over 1000 Private Jets to Lecture You About Climate Change.”

HNewsWire: "A Disgusting Class in Hypocrisy"


The World Economic Forum's annual meeting begins today in Davos, Switzerland. Over the last several days, global leaders have arrived in opulent private planes at airports near Davos to meet behind closed doors to address pressing global issues such as climate change.

"The affluent and powerful are flocking to Davos to talk climate and inequality behind closed doors using the most unequal and polluting mode of travel: private aircraft," said Klara Maria Schenk, transport campaigner for Greenpeace's European mobility campaign.

According to a recent analysis issued by Greenpeace International, 1,040 private planes flew into and out of airports surrounding Davos for last year's summit, causing CO2 emissions from private jets to soar four times higher than the weekly average.

"Given that 80% of the world's population has never flown but suffers from the consequences of climate-damaging aviation emissions, and given that the World Economic Forum claims to be committed to the 1.5°C Paris Climate Target, this annual private jet bonanza is a distasteful masterclass in hypocrisy." Private planes must be phased out if we are to have a sustainable, just, and safe future for everybody." So-called world leaders must set an example by prohibiting private planes and unnecessary short-haul trips "Schenk remarked.

Despite the fact that most guests arrive by private jet, which is the most polluting form of transport per passenger, the WEF wants to address what they say is a global climate problem.

WEF participants were also seen driving in convoys in gas-guzzling SUVs and high-end automobiles.

Meanwhile, climate protests blocked at least one airport used by the wealthy on Monday morning.

"Davos has a decent railway station, but these individuals can't be bothered to take the train for a 21-kilometer trip." "Do we truly believe that they are the folks who can fix the world's problems?" Schenk said.

Also, keep in mind that these elites will be discussing how to transform the globe while being protected by military and private security personnel.

The fact that WEF guests arrive in droves on expensive planes to address the climate problem is the epitome of hypocrisy. Wouldn't these so-called climate fighters utilize public transit to preserve the earth if there was a real crisis? Perhaps the crisis promoted by the WEF is merely created hype.

Food and energy shortages are unavoidable, as both industries are being deliberately targeted and demolished under the pretense of mitigating climate change, and global economic collapse is a mathematical inevitability. The collapse of the economy will bring in programmable central bank digital currency (CBDCs), which will be utilized to regulate your behavior and health.

Under the pretense of global biosecurity, the globalist cabal is also pursuing a one-world authoritarian government through the World Health Organization.
The transhumanist movement in the United States is combining medicine, Silicon Valley, and the national security state. There is a deliberate push on to reframe transhumanism, which is essentially the new eugenics, as health care. People all across the world are facing an increasing number of challenges. It is critical to comprehend these hazards and what you can do to prepare for, oppose, and defeat them. For each, action items, solutions, and assistance are provided

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum begins today. Politicians, corporate titans, "philanthropists," and other elite monstrosities assemble for a weekend of bragging about how brilliant they are and generally making the world worse.

But what will be on the menu this year?

According to the WEF's website, the following are the five key topics for discussion:

Check to see if you can see a pattern:

Addressing the Current Energy and Food Crises Within the Context of a New Energy, Climate, and Nature System

Addressing the current economy's high inflation, low growth, and high debt in the framework of a new investment, trade, and infrastructure system

Identifying and Addressing Current Industry Headwinds in the Context of a New System for Harnessing Frontier Technologies for Private Sector Innovation and Resilience

Addressing Current Social Vulnerabilities in the Context of a New Work, Skills, and Care System

Addressing Current Geopolitical Risks in the Context of a New Multipolar Dialogue and Cooperation System

None of this is breaking news. A "new system" for energy is a "green new deal," a "new system" for international cooperation is some kind of global governance, and a "new system" for investment and commerce encompasses a wide range of subjects, including digital money.

As I have stated, there is nothing new here, but it is always good to see it in paper, with no attempt to conceal it.

It's also worth noting that they don't utilize the terms "new normal," "great reset," or "build back better" anywhere on the page, despite the fact that they clearly are.

A little success for the alternative media, which has obviously created enough awareness that certain terms are no longer regarded appropriate to employ.


Sources: HNewsWire  HNewsWire

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