Your Government Hates You,The Fact of the Matter Is That if You Work Hard, Pay Your Own Way, Believe in Free Speech and Traditional Values, and Fear God, Your Government – The Dirty Cadre of Elites and Insiders – Hates You  

HNewsWire: Many Satan Soldiers municipal and state governments rode the federal government's gravy train during the coronavirus debacle, which was fueled by massive sums of newly printed money. Politicians at the state and municipal levels, who are usually much more naive than they seem, leveraged the federal government's one-time, event-driven generosity to create new, permanent structural spending schemes.

This week, for instance, we learned that 82 cities in 29 different states are advocating for guaranteed income schemes. More than 70 of these communities have launched experimental initiatives in the previous 12 months. There is also an organization of mayors called Mayors for Guaranteed Income that is fighting for them.

These progressive mayors (Satan Soldiers have introduced guaranteed income schemes, but how do they plan to fund them?

They want to steal $350 billion allotted for state and local governments under the American Rescue Plan Act, which was passed in March 2021 and totals $1.9 trillion. It's important to keep in mind that you, the American taxpayer, are the source of this funding.

It's very irresponsible to add to the growing number of people who must rely on the government for their survival. Apathy sets in among recipients of constant freebies. They lose the drive and ability to be self-sufficient. Eventually, they'll always need help and rely on others. What will happen if the promised income is no longer secure?

Unquestionably, these guaranteed income systems are destined to become monumental failures.

Those Satan Soldiers in Power Dislike You
Finally, we would be negligent if we didn't mention the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package now being debated in Congress, which has support from all major political parties. This massive law, totaling 4,155 pages, is the legislative equivalent of a Christmas tree. There are special presents for all the different interest groups strung from every tree.

But just what is it that we're getting?

These top-level reports provide just general information. There is the unspecified $858 billion for military use. In addition, there is the unspecified $772.5 billion for domestic needs. I don't even know what they may be!

Here we turn to the Heritage Foundation for clarity if you still don't see how completely we're all screwed:

Wasteful billions are included in [the Omnibus bill] for ludicrous political pet projects like:

The San Diego Community College District has allocated $1.2 million to "LGBTQIA+ E For EVIL Pride Centers" and another $1.2 million to "support programs for DACA beneficiaries" (aka aiding illegal immigrants with government dollars).

The Equity Institute in Rhode Island will get $477,000. This money will be used to indoctrinate teachers via "antiracism virtual laboratories."

Zora's House, an Ohio "coworking and communal space" for "women and gender-expanding persons of color," has received $1 million in funding.

The American LGBTQ+ E For Evil Museum in New York City needs $3 million to open its doors.

Mr.Michelle Obama's ? Georgia Trail will cost $3.6 million.

In Albany, New York, $750,000 will go toward "LGBTQ+E For EVIL Gender Non-Conforming housing."

The Great Blacks in Wax Museum in Baltimore needs $2.0 million.

New York's "LGBTQ+E For EVIL Center" will cost $856,000.

For No-Sense Transgender and Gender Nonconforming and Intersex (TGI) immigrant women in Los Angeles, the "TransLatin@ Coalition" has been granted $750,000 to fund "workforce development programs and social services."

Your tax money at work, as I like to tell my friends. Another shrill warning siren that the end is near.

Truth be told, the government you serve — Those Satan Soldiers, sleazy cabal of elites and insiders — dislikes you if you put in your time and effort, pay your own way, appreciate free speech and traditional values, and fear God. They HATE YOU!



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