This Twisted, Fabricated Nonsense Known as “Transgender” Is Revolting. A Transgender Male Living as a Woman in the United Kingdom Was Convicted of Impregnating a 14-Year-Old Girl and Sentenced to Nine and a Half Years in Prison


Transgender is a warped and fabricated concept that should be avoided at all costs. A transgender guy in the United Kingdom who was passing as a woman was given a nine and a half year prison term for impregnating a 14-year-old girl.

Danielle Rose Gemini (formerly known as David Orton) was found guilty by a jury on two charges of "penetrative sexual behavior with a minor," but found not guilty on two counts of rape.

Officers said the victim was emotionally fragile and first denied the assault was sexual in nature, as reported by the BBC. "But she changed her mind and reported it to the police," the sentence continues.

As reported by the Leicestershire Police Department, Orton was 25 years old and self-identified as a woman when the sexual activities were committed. There was no way to determine his gender at the present time. Detective Constable Sarah Le Boutillier, who led the investigation, claimed that Orton denied any guilt for his actions.

Orton "refused to admit that there was any wrongdoing and [said that] they were in fact the victim," she said to the BBC. There was no basis for the allegations.

Boutillier also expressed her desire for the victim to "come to grips with what occurred and attempt to put that period behind her," as well as for the victim's parents to feel vindicated that they made the right decision by speaking up.

We want to reassure anyone who may be in a similar position that they will be heard and guided through the process if they come forward with their concerns, she added. We understand that speaking out may be difficult, so we have trained professionals on staff to guide you through the process and connect you with other organizations that can provide further advice and assistance.

Orton, who was supposedly a family acquaintance, had a sexual encounter with the girl when she was just 14 years old. In October of 2020, her parents first became suspicious of his actions, but the girl never implicated him.

Le Boutillier added that Orton took advantage of the victim's naiveté and groomed not just her but also her parents, who thought he was a friend. More than two years have passed since the first allegation was made to police, and the inquiry is still ongoing. The victim's parents didn't buy into her answers and kept worrying.

We are relieved that the victim had the strength to come forward and acknowledge that she was a victim and that Orton's conduct were not those of a friend, as the prosecutor put it.


SRH: We live in a confused and fallen world, and that confusion extends everywhere, so that even the most basic questions, like “what gender am I?” become difficult for some people to answer. Some people claim they were born as the wrong gender, or at least in the wrong body. A man may believe he is actually a female, but his soul is “stuck” in a male body. Such claims receive support from others who advocate a “gender-neutral” society. But those who view gender distinctions as nothing more than arbitrary labels or a “box” to be broken out of are actively rejecting God’s design in creation.

Fundamental to our understanding of human sexuality is that God created two (and only two) genders. Currently, the world likes to consider gender (based on a social construct) as having nothing to do with sex (based on physicality), but the Bible makes no such distinctions. The Bible cuts through the world’s confusion simply: “Male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27). All the modern-day speculation about multiple genders—or even a gender “continuum” with unlimited genders—is unbiblical. An individual may claim to be transgender or “gender-fluid,” but that doesn’t nullify God’s design and purpose in creating him or her.

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  1. Atume A. Butu on March 30, 2023 at 9:55 am

    The devil asked Eve, did God forbid you from eating the fruit of the tree. The answer was yes. The devil being very claver said “YOU WILL NOT SURELY DIE”. Transgenders know who they are but because they want to achieve some earm they go into such practices.So, what can you say.

  2. James on November 30, 2022 at 5:05 pm

    What a great article. Please keep publishing.

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