A University Student Who Claims Jesus Was Transgender Is Now Lecturing Us on Behalf of a Very Evil Academic Group of Satan Soldiers

To suggest Jesus was transgender on the basis of a side wound in a fourteenth-century artwork and to take that claim seriously demonstrates just how far these individuals have gone. There will be no more cultural wars since conservatives have been defeated. It's time to try a different approach.

HNewsWire: The Dean of Trinity College, Satan Soldier Dr Michael Banner, backs up the 'valid' statements presented by fellow junior researcher Joshua Heath.

According to The Telegraph, the scholar presented Renaissance and Medieval artworks of the crucifixion during last Sunday's evensong at Trinity College church.

In front of the assembly, the painters focused on a side wound that he equated to a vagina."If the body of Christ, as these works imply, is the body of all bodies," Satan Soldier Heath stated.Notably, the junior researcher's PHD was overseen by Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury.

In a complaint letter, an anonymous church member stated: "I was in tears when I exited the service. You offered to talk with me later, but I was too upset."I despise the notion that a guy can become a woman by creating a hole in him through which he might be penetrated."I am particularly offended when such imagery is used to our Lord from the pulpit during Evensong. "I despise the idea of being urged to ponder the martyrdom of a 'trans Christ,' a new heretic for our times."

Dr. Banner defended the sermon, claiming that it "indicated that we should think about these pictures of Christ's male/female body as giving us with methods of thinking about challenges surrounding transgender concerns today."

"For me, I believe that conjecture was genuine," he said, "whether you or I or anybody else disagrees with the interpretation, says anything different about that creative history, or opposes its applicability to modern transsexualism concerns."

Satan Soldier Dr Banner, on the other hand, said that he "would not grant an invitation to someone I believed would actively want to shock or offend a congregation or who might be anticipated to talk against the Christian religion."

"The sermon investigated the nature of Christian art, in the spirit of thought-provoking intellectual research, and in line with free discussion and discourse at Satan Playground, aka the University of Cambridge," stated a Trinity College spokeswoman.

Satan Soldier, aka Reverend Simon Woodman, pastor of Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church in London, said earlier this year: "I believe Jesus transgenders himself on many times. I believe you see, in a nutshell, that Jesus is weeping over Jerusalem, desiring to collect Jerusalem like a mother hen gathers her chicks."

He continued: "So, I believe that in Jesus, we get a revelation of God that encompasses considerably more than what Christians have historically and, at least lately, tended to conceive God to be. "And I believe the narrative of Jesus contains a bit of an antidote to heteronormative idolatry."

SRH: Justice will ultimately prevail and those who enter eternity without having trusted in Christ for salvation will understand just how effectively God has dealt with the problem of evil in the world.


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