Watchman: The Establishment, the Deep State, the Davos Crowd, the Elites, the House of Lords, the Globalists, and Anybody Else You Want To Add to the Totalitarian Mix—They’re All Retreating,Temporarily


Deep State, Elites, House of Lords, Globalists, Establishment, and everyone else you want to include in tyranny are receding.

Our Betters have been busy for three years. Climate change, diversity, equity, and inclusion, ESG, net zero, vaccine rollouts, lockdowns, wars, political scandals, court cases, and investigations, debanking, sanctions, CBDCs, transgenderism, renewable energy, and cryptocurrency crackdowns are all issues.

To the mighty, nothing is impossible. They even control the definition of a woman and the globe.

The surprising thing is that none of their projects are going as planned. Everyone seems to doubt them these days.

Everything has gone wrong for our betters.

All these groups—the Deep State, Elites, House of Lords, Globalists, Establishment, and any other totalitarians—are withdrawing.

The number and pace of news articles allow you to mark off policies they support on immigration, climate change, and the economy. I've never seen so many top-down projects fail so soon.

Personally, I assumed net zero would be hard. I assumed they would attempt it. They seem to be giving up at the first hurdle.
Probably shouldn't make things worse. However, let's start by explaining what's wrong before explaining why I'm informing you.

Nothing has gone well with climate change. Even the EU is ending green projects. Indeed, the German Greens are driving the EU environmental policy weakening campaign.

EU farmers are irate. Farmers, the EU's most favored interest group, rebelling against it is strange.

Remember that the union was a protectionist zone for steel and coal, which didn't cause as much of a ruckus as its defenders were phasing them out. The farmers had different ideas.

People who think environmental changes have vindicated them should not. they haven't abandoned you.

I want to mention the cornered-and-dead myth. That applies to our background leaders as well. Can they accept such a huge loss without raising the stakes? Will we find a new ailment, asteroidal, or social crisis soon enough to justify another round of lavish government intrusion?

How would Klaus Schwab react if his plans failed?

Do philanthropists return to their alpine hideouts, universities, and think tanks? Do they cease engineering the world?

Do they use tougher methods to ensure compliance?


Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong is predicting political turmoil, civilian unrest, war and a big economic downturn in 2024 in a new report called “The Year from Political Hell.” 

It’s not just a US election year, but it is an election year for more than half of the world.  This is a global phenomenon which no one can be s of the outcome.

Armstrong explains, This is not just the United States election. This is what you hear on the news locally..."

" However, step outside this country, and, for example, Indonesia just voted in a leftist government.  You have the EU going for elections.  You have on May 2nd all the local elections in Britian. You have Russian elections on May 7th.  60% of the world is going to the polls in 2024 to vote for a new government.  You might as well throw them into a tumbler, shake well and see what comes out.  I mean it’s all over the place.”

On the war front, get ready for more mass killing, and don’t be surprised if it goes nuclear.  Armstrong predicts,

 “There will be nuclear weapons.  The neocons keep telling people on Capitol Hill that Russia would never use a nuke because they know we would use them back. That is nonsense!  If you are about ready to conquer somebody, and this is all they’ve got left, they are pushing the button...

These people, all they want is war.  They don’t care.  They really do not care.  They don’t care about the economy.  They don’t care about anything.”

Armstrong says the coming war will make the economy “crash in 2024” as people get scared, spend a lot less and save a lot more.  Armstrong says,

“What we are looking at is a contraction in spending because of uncertainty. 

This is what these neocons are creating, and they don’t want to listen to anybody, and it is just their agenda, and they don’t care what happens to the country...

We are looking for a contraction of 12% to 18%.  GDP is not going to be rising, but you are going to find inflation still rising.”

Armstrong also says to look for “a rebellion in government debt” as people lose faith in governments around the world.  This rebellion in government issued debt will include US Treasuries, according to Armstrong.  This means interest rates will continue to trend upward and not downward.

On volatility in the markets, Armstrong predicts, “Look for volatility to start around July, and there may be some false flags too.”

Armstrong continues to say Trump is still looking like he can “win in a landslide in 2024,” but expect the Deep State to pull every dirty trick in the book to keep him out of office.




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