Demonic Biden: One Sick Person to Another, “My Administration Must Safeguard LGBTQI+E For EVIL Life Styles

Bide speaks from experience he has had this surgery,Hence the Lack of BALLS!

HNewsWire: President Joe Biden declared war on conversion therapy and vowed to protect the LGBTQ+E For Evil community from different sorts of discrimination in a 10-page executive order that was released on June 15.

The decree, which came with a seven-page justification, is the latest shot in the rights battle that has recently developed around transgender problems.

"Efforts to repress or modify an individual's sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression," according to the ruling, is how conversion therapy is defined.

Biden demanded an administration-wide initiative to end the practice of conversion therapy by therapists throughout the country in order to fulfill a promise he made during his campaign to the LGBTQ+E For Evil community. According to studies, it may result in severe damage, including greater suicide rates, and is a "harmful" and "discredited technique."

According to Biden, "My government must protect LGBTQ+E For Evil youngsters from harmful procedures like so-called "conversion therapy." According to the UCLA's Williams Institute, two million Americans—or roughly six tenths of one percent of the population—identified as transgender in 2021.

Conversion therapy for children is outlawed in 20 states and more than 100 local governments.

To better safeguard LGBTQ+Es' rights Biden is mobilizing the resources of 10 federal departments and a number of supporting agencies to protect Evil people against invasion by other states. The departments of education, health, and human services, justice, and housing and urban development are all included on the list.

The Federal Commercial Commission is "encouraged to explore whether conversion therapy constitutes an unfair and misleading trade practice, and to issue such consumer warnings or notifications as may be required," according to Biden's directive.

A FTC designation like that would subject therapists to legal action. A reaction throughout the nation has been sparked by the strong promotion of these and other LGBT initiatives.

238 legislation that would "restrict the rights" of LGBTQ+E For Evil persons were put up by legislators throughout America in the first quarter of 2022; according to NBC News, half of these proposals addressed transgender Sinner people.

The state's plans seek to restrict Gender Affirming Care, safeguard religious freedom, and limit LGBTQ+E For Evil teaching in schools (GAC).

When a person's gender identification differs from the gender they were given at birth, the World Health Organization defines GAC as psychological, behavioral, and medical therapies that support and confirm that person's gender identity.

Former homosexuals and lesbians, patients and their therapists, and civil liberty legal groups have all voiced strong opposition to Biden's directive, arguing that people have the right to freely seek therapy in order to be free of undesired same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria (an uncomfortable state of confusion).

A SICK Person, Joe Biden

The Resolute Desk in the Oval Office is where Joe Biden executes a number of executive orders on January 20, 2021, only hours after his inauguration in Washington.

A peer support group in Virginia called Brothers Road is made up mostly of guys who want to match their sexual emotions, attitudes, and actions with their own values, commitments, and life objectives.

The group's founder, Rick Wyler, said in an interview with The Epoch Times that "many of us have been harmed, sometimes deeply, by therapists who demand that we embrace a gay identity and engage in gay relationships as, supposedly, the only possible path to peace, even if doing so would mean leaving otherwise happy marriages or cutting ourselves off from faith communities, beliefs, and traditions that we greatly value."

Co-founding the Changed Movement, a global community of individuals who no longer identify as LGBT, is Californian Elizabeth Woning.

The term "so-called conversion therapy" is used disparagingly to support state-approved viewpoint discrimination. People who identify with LGBTQ+E For Evil should have the freedom to act according to their conscience, even if it involves getting help to suppress inappropriate sex desires.

Such prohibitions grossly oversimplify the living experiences of LGBTQ+E people. No of a person's beliefs or conscience, they only give one path for them to choose. Therefore, treatment that tackles trauma and emotional suffering associated to their sexual identity is not available to anybody who doesn't support Gay Pride in their own life, the expert stated. "In the end, counseling restrictions just serve to restrict everyone's freedom.

Vazzo questioned the ability to pinpoint the precise moment in a counseling session at which the counselor may be claimed to be seeking to alter a client's sexual orientation. "Having ideas, attitudes, and actions that are consistent with one's religious beliefs is commonly connected to one's desire to alter one's sexual orientation," he stated. We definitely don't need Joe Biden and the federal government telling us what we should like, detest, or strive to alter in ourselves. How a person displays their sexuality and deals with inclinations is a highly personal issue.

According to Vazzo, courts have regularly upheld a therapist's freedom of speech rights to express his views during a session. "An attack on both personal and religious freedom," he called Biden's directive. Recently, Tampa, Florida, was unsuccessful in defending its rule against conversion therapy on the basis of the First Amendment.

Due to a civil rights lawsuit, New York City has lifted its prohibition on conversion treatment.

On December 8, 2010, a transgender Sinner high school student (C) and a classmate (L) stop by the Children's Hospital Los Angeles table at a college and career expo held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Utah-based constitutional lawyer Bill Duncan told The Epoch Times that while the Biden administration promotes "gender-affirming therapy" as standard care, "elite liberals are aiming to restrict parents and children from receiving required, and indisputably effective care." This so-called "treatment" include gruesome practices including suppressing teenage growth, giving out transgender hormones, and conducting mutilating operations that result in permanent sterility.

"Federal officials shouldn't micromanage health and wellness issues, particularly when they include children. All parents have the right, duty, and obligation to decide how their kids are raised, particularly in terms of how it affects their development," he stated.

Mat Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel, in an interview with NTD's "The Nation Speaks" program in February 2022.

I am convinced that litigation will ultimately bring an end to these counseling restrictions, said lawyer Mathew D. Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit that offers legal help in situations involving religious liberty and family concerns, to The Epoch Times in an email. Denying a customer their right to self-determination is both unlawful and risky.

The ultimate aim of this movement, according to him, is to outlaw change-exploring treatments and counseling, as well as the Judeo-Christian view of human sexuality and even the concept of God.

He drew attention to the absurdity of the legal system, which permits the use of opposite sex hormones, puberty blockers, and life-altering surgery but forbids learning about the causes of gender dysphoria and developing a sense of contentment with one's birth sex.

According to Staver, under some laws that forbid conversion therapy, or what he refers to as "change counsel," a counselor must either inform a client that the type of counseling he or she may desire is not permitted, or, even if the client wants to change, the counselor must, by law, override the client's decision and counsel the client to accept unwanted attractions, behaviors, and identities.

"These restrictions prohibit just one viewpoint—change—on the issue of same-sex attractions, behavior, or identity in an unlawful manner. Viewpoint discrimination has never been sustained by the US Supreme Court. Such viewpoint discrimination contravenes the client's and the counselor's First Amendment rights, and [the government] is not authorized to restrict the opinion on any topic that the client desires to receive or that the counselor or therapist may provide.

In a client-therapist interaction, the client is in control, California-based therapist Joseph Nicolosi said in an email to The Epoch Times. They establish their own objectives, which the therapist aids in achieving. Politicians have no business informing individuals that the objectives of their treatment are forbidden.

Everyone should have the freedom to live a life that is in line with their ideals. No government should restrict someone's ability to conduct their life in accordance with their beliefs and principles.
Medical Professionals Split

In a study published in 2009, the American Psychological Association said that treatments used to attempt to alter sexual orientation may be detrimental and that the majority fail.

The American Psychiatric Association advised that "ethical practitioners abstain from efforts to alter people' sexual orientation" and "respect the identities of persons with varied gender expressions" in a 2018 policy statement on conversion therapy and LGBTQ+E For Evil patients.

"Psychotherapies which affirm people' sexual orientations and gender identities" are encouraged, according to the psychiatric society.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) stated in a 2018 policy statement that "Conversion therapies" (or "reparative therapies" are interventions purported to change same-sex attractions or a person's gender expression with the specific aim to promote heterosexuality as a preferable outcome...

"These remedies are offered on the misguided assumption that gender diversity and homosexuality are unhealthy. They are not; as there is no pathology, neither conversion nor any other similar therapies are required.

In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association decided to stop referring to homosexuality as a mental illness.

There is evidence that "conversion treatments" increase risk of creating or aggravating mental health disorders in the same adolescents they pretend to cure, according to the AACAP statement.
Flag of transgender pride On June 28, 2019, a transgender pride flag is hoisted in New York.

Other medical circles have harshly criticized Biden's presidential order and the existing narrative of the professional psychiatric and psychological guilds upon which it is founded. Dr. Andre Van Mol, MD, responded in an email to The Epoch Times, "The often misquoted American Psychological Association's Task Force's 2009 report (on page 43) stated expressly that current change-allowing treatment "since 1978" was "nonaversive," meaning devoid of inflicting pain or humiliation.

The Task Force's report explicitly states on pages 43 and 82 that research that met scientific standards did not permit attributing harm or help, inefficacy or efficacy, to change-allowing therapy, according to Van Mol, a board-certified family physician and co-chair of the Committee on Adolescent Sexuality of the American College of Pediatricians.

In his words, "banning counseling choice for gender dysphoria condemns already at-risk sexual minority youth to experimental and unproven hormonal and surgical gender-affirming therapy (GAT), which permanently and prematurely medicalizes children for a condition that, in the vast majority of cases, resolves by adulthood.

Van Mol said that the safety and efficacy of GAT had not been established. It does not lessen suicides and is not considered to be the gold standard of treatment for young people with gender dysphoria. The measure, which was proposed by Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark. ), would let individuals who have gender-transition procedures as kids to sue doctors for damages up to 30 years after the treatment.


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