Watchman’s Update: Mayhem, Also Known as the Biblical Tribulation, Has Occur, It’s Nations, Brothers, Mothers, Daughters, Governments, and States Have Turn Against One Another, Federal Employees Who Walk Out Over Gaza Policies


House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) called for the expulsion of government employees who were allegedly planning a walkout against the United States' support for Israel in its battle with Hamas.

"Any government employee who refuses to come to work in protest of the United States' backing of our ally Israel is failing in their duty and betraying the confidence of the public." On January 14, Mr. Johnson said on X, the former Twitter site, that they should be fired.

"Chairman Comer of Oversight and I will collaborate to make sure that every federal agency takes appropriate disciplinary action against any employee who quits."

This administrator has certainly become a blue ribbon cluster frack, hasn't it? I wish I believed what you said.But, Speaker Johnson, you're proving to be exactly like McCarthy! I loathe people who try to use their position in government or huge fortune to give themselves an outsized influence in topics that affect us all.

Obstruction of government functions. It sounds like an insurrection to me. It's astonishing how many Marxists and quasi-Marxists (anyone who believes in adopting Marxist means for any cause) project their desire to destroy everything Israel and label Israel as genocidal. After embedding themselves in the civilian population, Hamas employed citizens as human shields, ensuring that the slain civilians could be used to claim genocide in the manner of the Nazis.

Since the Korean War, the CCP has maintained control over all aspects of the UN. Their Marxist methods and means have infiltrated the general assembly, the World Health Organization, and most assistance organizations. The World Court is now investigating South Africa's "Marxist projection case" against Israel. Marxists are just as capable of undermining free speech as anyone else. Open communication and the condemnation of lying are simple remedies.

Do not get distracted by phrases like "misinformation." Marxists thrive on emotional activity, particularly from boisterous or thuggish young "idealists." That is why, in the 1960s, no one above 30 was to be "trusted," hence condemning critical and mature reasoning.

If they walk off the job it a matter of national security. Fire them! Fine them! Incarcerate them! Pretty simple stance to take against a mass group who jobs are linked to the security of this nation who decide to walk off in protest over a national security issue. Are they employed by Hamas, Pro-Hamas or these Anonymous organizers? Then maybe they should look for employment in Iran or Yemen.



Democrats became enraged when Gov. Greg Abbott transported more than 85,000 illegal immigrants from Texas in less than a year, escalating the situation from small border towns to the nation's largest metropolis.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has moved 85,400 illegal immigrants to so-called sanctuary cities managed by Democrats who refuse to comply with federal immigration enforcement in less than a year and a half.

Texas has shifted the blame for the crisis on Democratic strongholds, primarily New York City. Abbott's office reports that beginning in August 2022, he will be moving 32,200 people to New York City.

Between the last year and a half, 24,500 migrants have arrived in Chicago—the second-highest number of migrants transported from Texas.

Abbott's policy of sending migrants to sanctuary areas is extremely controversial, especially with Democrats, but it is changing the narrative and drawing attention to the situation.

As for illegal immigration, it is expected to hit a record high. In December alone, border officials anticipate processing over 300,000 individuals crossing the southern border.

Since August 2022, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has transferred over 85,000 migrants from his state to sanctuary cities such as Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C.

Watchman: Daily Devotional, Mayhem: End-Time Demonic Activities, Watchman: “A Large Scale False Flag Cyber-Attack Is Now Imminent.” Find Solace in Christ

By StevieRay Hansen | June 19, 2024 |

Satan’s Synagogue atop the New World Order The evil Empire of Secret Societies’ relentless and tragic climb to supremacy has led mankind to the point in its history when practically every person in the highest positions is a member of Secret Societies. There are only two historical perspectives: one in which everything happens by coincidence and the other in which everything happens on purpose. The first is held by the ignorant, dumb, and liars, whereas the second is held by the smart. History is constructed on purpose, not by happenstance. Two public personalities separated by time realized this. “Nothing happens by chance in politics,” said Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1955), the 32nd President of the United States. If anything happens, you can bet it was designed that way.” “The world is run by people who are extremely different from those who…


Update: Mayhem a.k.a Tribulation, Biblical Tribulation , It Will Be Nation Against Nation, Brother Against Brother, Mother Against Daughter, Government Against Government, State Against State, Get Ready For Hell On Earth

By StevieRay Hansen | May 11, 2024 |

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said that his government will provide charter buses or flights to transport illegal immigrants released from federal custody into its territory to Washing HNewsWire: Watchman: According to the White House, Islamophobia Is the Issue, Not Anti-semitism…   Q Was the president briefed on Samantha Woll, the leader of a synagogue in Detroit who was stabbed to death? MS. JEAN-PIERRE: So, obviously, our hearts go out to the families there. It’s a devastating, devastating news story. The President obviously is-just like everyone else is paying close attention and saw those reports. I don’t have anything else to add. Obviously, the investigation continues, and we are willing to assist in any way. I just don’t have anything else beyond that. Q: What is his level of concern right now about the potential rise of antisemitism in light of…


Watchman: Lawlessness, Politicians, and Overlords—the Nation Is Bracing for the ‘Day of Jihad’—a Perilous Start to the Weekend. More Importantly, Mayhem Is the Beginning of Things to Come. AKA Tribulation Is at Work Four Years, Eight Months Into Hell on Earth

By StevieRay Hansen | April 23, 2024 |

HNewsWire: The world is gearing up for a potentially disastrous start to the weekend. The Hamas leader has declared a Day of Global Jihad, inciting Muslims all around the world to stand up and wage war on Christians and Jews. This is in response to the ongoing Middle East conflict, which was initiated by Hamas terrorists and has killed hundreds of Israelis. Babies are being beheaded. Children are being burned alive. Tennessee Republican Congressman Andy Ogles warned Americans to be cautious. He warned Americans to stock up on food and water. He also asked Americans to be ready to defend their families. HNewsWire:Congressman Ogles stated that, in this day and age, due of the Biden Administration’s actions, you must keep your head on a swivel. To summarize, it’s important to be careful, but not terrified. The Bible tells us not…


Texas GOP Passes Resolution Declaring Biden ‘Not Legitimately Elected’ Mayhem a.k.a Tribulation, Biblical Tribulation , It Will Be Nation Against Nation, Brother Against Brother, Mother Against Daughter, Government Against Government, State Against State

By StevieRay Hansen | April 13, 2024 |

HNewsWire: Texas Republicans issued a resolution on June 18 claiming that Satan Soldier Joe Biden was “not lawfully elected,” and that “substantial” electoral fraud in important urban areas altered the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in favor of Biden. “We believe that the 2020 election violated Article 1 and 2 of the US Constitution, that various secretaries of state illegally circumvented their state legislatures in conducting their elections in multiple ways, including by allowing ballots to be received after November 3, 2020,” stated a resolution passed on Saturday, the last day of a three-day biennial Texas GOP convention held in Houston, the Texas Tribune reported. The resolution went on to say, “We think that widespread electoral fraud in important urban areas considerably altered the outcomes in five critical states in favor of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. “We reject the…


Watchman: What’s so Hard to Understand, We Have Taken God out of Society The End Result “Mayhem”

By StevieRay Hansen | April 7, 2024 |

HNewsWire: It Will Only Get Worse, Peace of mind and the tranquility of spirit that accompanies it are only available when we have true peace with God through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross in payment of our sins. Those who attempt to find peace in worldly pursuits will find themselves sadly deceived… In order for sin to work, there has to be a “suppression of the truth.” “All over some TVs.” 77-year-old St. Louis retired Police Captain David Dorn was shot dead by looters when he tried to get them to stop looting a local pawn shop. — Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) June 2, 2020 LA Man Arrested With ‘Massive Arsenal’ While Impersonating National Guardsman As the world braces for yet another night of protests as governors from Texas to the northeast insist that they would never allow…


White Horse in Play: The Head of the Border Patrol Union Warned That Drug Cartels Would Seize “Complete Control” of the Southern Border, Mayhem, Murder, Mass Graves Coming to the America, Thank Biden, Obama and Google

By StevieRay Hansen | October 12, 2023 |


Red Horse In Play: The World Is About To Come Undone—Godless China Will Lead The March Into Chaos & Mayhem—Year Four+ Of Tribulation—The Ride Is Going To Get Tough

By StevieRay Hansen | October 12, 2023 |

  HNewsWire: A New Apple Crisis?… Hundreds of workers struggled with officials and breached isolation barriers at Apple’s Mac Book production in China, Bloomberg reported, citing local media sources. Workers at the Mac Book facility in Shanghai, operated by Taiwan’s Quanta Computer Inc., were enraged by the constant “closed-loop manufacturing” (which implies they were kept on-site and quarantined to keep production humming). The event happened Thursday night. Afraid of “closed-loop manufacturing,” pandemic prevention is too stringent. “Rioting” at Quanta’s Shanghai facility stunned the company. Employees of Shanghai Dafeng Electronics, a Shanghai Quanta subsidiary, rioted on Thursday, May 5. The corporation has recently reopened, but not entirely. As shown in the video, hundreds of teenage workers disobeyed the order, leapt over the fence, and raced away, clashing with the guards. “RFA China tweeted that personnel are unsatisfied with epidemic prevention and…


Watchman: Get Ready It’s Going to Get Real: A Migrant-Fueled New Year Mayhem Turns Berlin Into a Battleground; Riots and Bloodshed Are on the Way in America

By StevieRay Hansen | September 8, 2023 |

Somali Teens Wage War in Minneapolis, Firefight With Police Terrifies Residents HNewsWire: Hundreds of Somali-American teenagers got into a firefight Tuesday night with police and residents of a Minneapolis neighborhood. A number of people were injured and police reported several arrests. Hundreds of Somali-American teenagers got into a firefight Tuesday night with police and residents of a Minneapolis neighborhood. A number of people were injured and police reported several arrests. “Cops, people fighting and stuff. There were people throwing fireworks at cops and everything it was crazy,” a witness told television station WCCO. “Me personally, I haven’t done it.” Video of the attacks, which you can watch below, terrified local residents. It looked like a war zone. Erin Gormley, a caretaker for her condominium, was seen literally under fire. “They were shooting explosives at me because I was protecting the…


Watchman Uncovers Genuine Trouble in This Article. Robert Malone’s Criticism of Honorable Activists for Health Freedom Alarmed Karen–Remember This, it Will Be Ungodly Going Forward, Mayhem Will Be Common Place in America!

By StevieRay Hansen | August 17, 2023 |

By Dr. Vernon Coleman 15Th October 2022 These are the darkest, most difficult days in human history. We are facing the end of freedom and the end of the awesome wonder of the independent, human spirit. I genuinely believe that rabid enemies such as Soros, Blair, HRH Charles (the HRH stands for His Royal Hypocrite), the Rothschilds, Schwab, Gates, Musk, Biden, the Bilderbergers et al are the most evil conspirators to have ever walked this earth. The Evil Hornswogglers should be hung, drawn and quartered. When, in the name of God, justice, humanity, wisdom and hope are the moronic mask wearers, the lockdown-lovers and the witless, covid jabbed collaborators going to wake up to reality? HNewsWire: Medical Tyranny and Those Who Promote It There is much frustration and confusion surrounding everything that’s happened in the past 22+ months related to…


Satan Soldiers Are Using the Plandemic to Usher in the New World Order–the End Result “Mayhem”

By StevieRay Hansen | July 24, 2023 |

Twenty four world leaders have signed a letter calling for more globalism to combat future pandemics, citing the the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity to consign nationalism to the dustbin of history. UK prime minister Boris Johnson, German chancellor Angela Merkel, and French president Emmanuel Macron are the leading figures behind the pledge, with 21 other heads of state signing the letter. It states that “nobody is safe until everyone is safe,” and that a “global community” must be further implemented in order to combat ‘inevitable’ future pandemics. “At a time when Covid-19 has exploited our weaknesses and divisions, we must seize this opportunity and come together as a global community for peaceful cooperation that extends beyond this crisis,” the letter states. “Building our capacities and systems to do this will take time and require a sustained political, financial and societal…



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