Watchman: Get Ready It’s Going to Get Real: A Migrant-Fueled New Year Mayhem Turns Berlin Into a Battleground; Riots and Bloodshed Are on the Way in America

Somali Teens Wage War in Minneapolis, Firefight With Police Terrifies Residents


Hundreds of Somali-American teenagers got into a firefight Tuesday night with police and residents of a Minneapolis neighborhood. A number of people were injured and police reported several arrests.

Hundreds of Somali-American teenagers got into a firefight Tuesday night with police and residents of a Minneapolis neighborhood. A number of people were injured and police reported several arrests.

“Cops, people fighting and stuff. There were people throwing fireworks at cops and everything it was crazy,” a witness told television station WCCO. “Me personally, I haven’t done it.”

Video of the attacks, which you can watch below, terrified local residents. It looked like a war zone.

Erin Gormley, a caretaker for her condominium, was seen literally under fire.

“They were shooting explosives at me because I was protecting the property,” she told the local Fox television station.

Armed with a garden hose, Gormley tried to douse shrubs, trees, and even those igniting the fireworks, all while pleading with them to go home and receiving profanity-laced threats in return, the television station reported.

“They had no regard for anything, they were putting fireworks, like explosive ones, under the cars,” she said.

Police chief Brian O’Hara told Minnesota Public Radio officers came under repeated fire from Roman candles and other aerial fireworks among throngs of gawkers.

“There were definitely instances of very dangerous behavior, very egregious behavior and it is very frustrating, because it is increasingly challenging to deal with,” O’Hara said.

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SRH: Apostle John is given this vision of what is to take place in the last days, from the vantage point of heaven. Thus he is looking at these events from the standpoint of eternity — and the one great characteristic of eternity is that there is no time there. In heaven there is no sense of past or future. Everything is present — now! That is why it is so difficult in this book (Rev) to tell exactly when events occur when they are brought into time.

HNewsWire: Reports suggest that this year's assaults were more severe and targeted rescue services, including ambulance employees, as young Germans in migrant-heavy districts once again transformed Berlin and other German cities into war zones on New Year's Day.

15 firemen and 18 police officers were hurt while responding to 3,943 incidents in Berlin. Reports of "especially nasty assaults in the hotspot areas of Kreuzberg and Neukölln with a large concentration of migrants" appeared in the Bild newspaper.

Iris Spranger, a senator for the Social Democrats and a member of the Interior Committee, said, "There were hundreds of assaults" (SPD).

Examples include the assault on firemen in Kreuzberg by 200 masked individuals after young men set fire to barricades. Fifty attackers opened fire on emergency services in Neukölln, one of the most diverse areas in Germany.

Unsettling footage shows a gang of individuals storming an ambulance and throwing things into the open back doors.


Numerous videos document the carnage, including one showing a police officer being hit by a rocket to the head, which causes his helmet to ignite. A police officer and a fireman both were seriously hurt and are still in the hospital.

Thomas Kirstein of the Berlin Fire Department claims that their cars were shot at with birdshot ammo. An "illegal bullet bomb" was reportedly hurled towards a parked police vehicle full of officers. Another video shows a guy shooting a window out of a police cruiser.

As a result of the commotion, 103 persons (98 males and 5 women) were taken into custody. The Berlin police department tweeted, "The brutality that our employees had to face on New Year's Eve is terrible. For this reason, it falls on all members of society to provide a visible counterargument. Our prayers are with the wounded, and we appreciate everyone's dedication.

Another clip shows migrant youngsters making fun of a fireman who was trying to give an interview to the media.

There were charred remains of buses and cars all across Berlin the next morning.

Ex-AfD parliamentary group leader in Berlin, Georg Pazdersk, tweeted, "When are we finally going to accept that we have a significant issue with young male migrants from archaic civilizations who don't want to assimilate. To ignore the issue is to perpetuate it.

Violent acts, including assaults on rescue workers, were also reported in other places including Duisburg.

One can only shake their head in disbelief. Berlin's ruling elite denies any responsibility for the catastrophe. "It has compassion for individuals who disobey the laws," Heinz Buschkowsky, the former mayor of Neukölln and a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), told Bild.

As time goes on, the crazies become more common. An opportunity to criticize the government exists at every holiday celebration... They are the adversary and must be defeated.

Even seasoned first responders are taken aback by the shocking level of violence. Everything has to stop now. The government can no longer sit on its hands while law enforcement personnel and firemen are targeted by lawbreakers on many occasions. CDU Berlin chapter chairman Kai Wegner told Bild that these actions amounted to "crimes" and were not to be taken lightly.


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Extreme violence has occurred in Neukölln in previous years as well.

"Anarchy prevailed in Berlin on New Year's Eve," the AfD said in a statement. It was a preview of what life in German cities will be like in the future, as the authorities and media have remained steadfastly silent on the issue of identifying the perpetrators, but the countless videos from that night reveal that they are young, violent men with a southern appearance who hardly speak German. The government of the traffic light even gives them money from the taxes they collect so that they may live comfortably and freely once they've immigrated.

The current conclusion being made from the riots is as common as it is naive: a ban on firecrackers and cameras on the rescue trucks should cure everything. Don't act that these efforts will impress the target audience. The only way to stop these kinds of scenarios from happening is to secure the borders and expel violent and lawbreaker migrants promptly.

Approximately 2,500 German women were raped or sexually attacked by North African or Middle Eastern males in Cologne and other places in 2016, an occurrence that contributed to the establishment of the Alternative for Germany party and anti-immigration sentiment in Germany.




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The beatings will continue until morale improves



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