“Trust Me; I’m From the Government, and I’m Here to Help You.” the Most Dangerous Words Known to Mankind, Kill Shots are Ok

HNewsWire: This will go down in history as one of the most notorious government scandals of our time. Meanwhile, the safety of the patient (one who receives a jab) is irrelevant! Tell me how many congressman including the females of and Pfizer execs got the jab? I bet the farm—NONE! It takes decades to get approval, yet the push to vax the population with an experimental drug that is not approved with no studies attached is a crime against humanity! On purpose to lower the population, in 5 years.

Pfizer has spent more time in courtrooms than most people know. They have been sued and have paid out massive amounts of money for their misdeeds. Pfizer paid out the biggest health care fraud settlement in U.S. history as part of a $2.3 billion fine for illegal marketing, along with other penalties. Two-thirds of Congress has received money from Big Pharma and the FDA gets 75% of its drug review budget directly from pharma. Scott Gottlieb, the former head of the FDA who accelerated the agency’s drug approval process, now sits on Pfizer’s board. (Source: Tablet Mag, "The Plague of the Poor" – Alex Gutentag – 9-29-21) IMO, when you mix Pfizer with Joe Biden and our corrupt government, no one should ever be surprised by anything either might do.

The American people have suffered the worst misuse of a drug in the history of the United States, all thanks to the Biden Administration, the FDA, and the CDC's political, not health, arms. pushing an untested drug or demanding we take the drug that has proven to do more harm than good. They made absolutely sure no one could sue for damages caused by the drug. What is worse is that they keep pushing the drug and want to make more drugs using the same process. No one should trust either the FDA, CDC, or Pfizer anymore, period.
Pfizer is the most corrupt organization on the globe. The massive number of people injured and killed by their vaccine is horrendous, yet they keep touting it as safe and effective. The amount of young people who "died suddenly" is astounding, yet they will not pull these shots.I hope everyone who was complicit in pushing these vaccines is held accountable. end vaccine mandates.
Trust nothing in the medical sector.

U.S. drug regulators acknowledged deviating from the normal vaccine approval process when dealing with Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot, according to newly disclosed documents.

Weeks after Pfizer and its partner BioNTech announced they started a rolling submission of documents for approval of their COVID-19 vaccine, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration official penned a memorandum authorizing the release of a Biologics License Application (BLA) number for the shot even as regulators weighed whether to approve the BLA, one of the documents shows.

“This deviation from our normal practice is done to facilitate product labeling and distribution and is consistent with other Center practices to facilitate vaccine delivery during the declared Public Health Emergency,” Christopher Joneckis, the FDA’s associate director for review management, wrote in the June 17, 2021, memo. “When providing the license number, we should communicate that this license number does not constitute any determination by FDA on the application.”

Joneckis said the decision stemmed in part from the FDA having granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the shot in late 2020. That means the FDA “is familiar with and has reviewed much of the information provided in the BLA application,” which primarily consisted of data used in the application for emergency clearance, he said.

EUAs can be granted if a public health emergency has been declared and the FDA determines it’s “reasonable to believe” that the vaccine or other product in question “may be effective” in preventing, diagnosing, or treating the disease or condition caused by the public health threat. BLAs require a higher threshold of evidence, demonstrating that a product is “safe, pure, and potent.”

A separate document made public this week showed that the license number was given to Pfizer even though no approval decision had been made after Pfizer requested it.

“The Applicant requested a U.S. License Number for BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH with agreement that they will not use it until after the BLA is approved,” the document, a summary of a June 29, 2021, FDA meeting discussing Pfizer’s application, stated.

The summary noted that Joneckis wrote the memo authorizing the release of the number “in advance of the typical notification in the approval letter.” After that, the FDA “generated the license number which will be provided to the Applicant, after filing, in an email message.”

The FDA granted a BLA to Pfizer’s vaccine for individuals 16 and older on Aug. 23, 2021. The vaccine was later approved for children as young as six months of age. The FDA has also authorized or approved multiple boosters due to the vaccine performing poorly against newer variants.

The documents were released by the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), which successfully convinced a court to order the FDA to produce documents related to its actions on the COVID-19 vaccines after the agency had claimed it would take decades to do so. The government has been providing ICAN documents in response to the suit and Freedom of Information Act requests.

Aaron Siri, a lawyer representing the network, told The Epoch Times in an email that the new documents are “another piece of evidence that supports that licensure of this product quickly became a foregone conclusion.”

The FDA did not respond to a request for comment.



Advisory Committee Meeting ‘Not Needed’

The FDA only held one meeting with its advisory panel, the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC), after Pfizer and BioNTech lodged their BLA request. That meeting focused on whether to clear vaccines for younger populations, and not the new application.

During the meeting, multiple panelists expressed confusion about when they would be consulted on any BLA requests.

“Where are we at with the licensure for adults?” Dr. Archana Chatterjee, one of them, said.

“I’m still unclear when we’re going to be reviewing the BLAs for [adults],” added Dr. Steven Pergram, another.

An FDA official revealed in the June 2021 internal meeting that the agency was planning on not consulting its outside advisers before deciding on Pfizer’s application.

Marion Gruber, director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research & Review, “confirmed that, unless a significant new safety concern or other important issue is discovered during the review of the submission that would necessitate convening the VRBPAC, an Advisory Committee Meeting will not be needed for this BLA,” according to the summary.

The FDA, which has never rejected an EUA or BLA request from Moderna or Pfizer related to their COVID-19 vaccines, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, made a trend of bypassing the advisory panels during the pandemic, including when they authorized and recommended boosters in the fall of 2022 without any clinical data.

In another portion of the document, as justification for not calling a committee meeting, FDA officials said they had already consulted the advisory committee five times between October 2020 and June 2021 “to discuss the development, Emergency Use Authorization and licensure of COVID-19 vaccines.”



Satan Soldiers, Biden, the Who, the FDA, the NIH, Pfizer, Moderna, and Others Who Were Complicit in Killing People Should Be Put On Trial for These Horrible Deeds

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HNewsWire: Not Pfizer, but mRNA vaccines from both Pfizer and Moderna are to blame. Many mRNA vaccine recipients have had a variety of side effects, including early death and heart attacks, followed by a stent in their heart. Seeing these in individuals near to me has made me realize that regular booster doses, particularly with mRNA vaccines, are not a smart idea. Most vaccinations were administered without regard for the common circulating strains at the time. A similar situation exists today, in which people are given non-specific boosters with no purpose. We must comprehend that mRNA vaccines violate nature’s rule by delivering a sequence into the host blood and instructing your cellular ribosomes to convert this sequence into a viral spike protein, which immunizes the host. Nothing is known about the amount of spike protein generated or where it travels or…

Watchman: The CDC Will Never Stop Deceiving Until They’ve Reached Their Goal of Mass Murder Upon the Global Population

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HNewsWire: Watchman Sees Mass Murder and CDC Was the Main Driver,CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Is Leaving the Agency But Not for Jail, Why? Rochelle Walensky, the director of the disgraced Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is leaving the agency, President Joe Biden announced during a press conference on Friday. “Dr. Walensky has saved lives with her steadfast and unwavering focus on the health of every American,” President Biden said in a statement. “As Director of the CDC, she led a complex organization on the frontlines of a once-in-a-generation pandemic with honesty and integrity. She marshalled our finest scientists and public health experts to turn the tide on the urgent crises we’ve faced.” “Dr. Walensky leaves CDC a stronger institution, better positioned to confront health threats and protect Americans,” Biden added. “We have all benefited from her service and dedication…

We Saw a Massive Surge of Hospitalized Young Children During Omicron—What Is Killing Our Children? Well, up to a Third of All Child Deaths From COVID-19 in the United States Have Occurred During the Surge of the Highly Contagious Omicron Variant, According to Newly Released Data, We Can’t Trust Most Politicians, Hospitals, CDC, W.H.O., FDA Or Biden Admin

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The first group of people to be hidden in attics and basements for fear of elimination, we’re the German disabled. Next to follow were the minorities, including homosexuals. It was in this phase that a race war ensued and was quite effective. When political opponents tried to stop it, they were cleverly targeted and sent to the camps. Once political opponents were out of the way, and there was no one left to stop them, they began the Holocaust. To shift the wealth and fund their agenda. It may be a little fuzzy and hard to connect the dots, but it appears to be happening again. With Klaus Schwab, whose father had very close ties to the Nazi elite, at the helm.   HNewsWire: It’s Genocide’: Family Alleges Ominous Conclusion in Seeking Answers to Their Daughter’s Death Eight months after…

The Watchman Reporting Satan Soldiers at CDC Finally Releases Vaers Safety Monitoring Analyses for COVID Vaccines – At Least They Finally Got Around to Doing Something

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The weak and stupid cull themselves HNewsWire: All will be listening to the Monty Python refrain, “Bring out your dead.” So, basically, everything alleged about the side effects that was completely denied as false information by pharma and the government was true. People don’t like to hear that they were tricked into poisoning themselves. Symptoms don’t define a disease; They are only an indication that something is causing a condition. Did you notice that the flu disappeared during the Covid scam? I had one lady tell me that the flu disappeared because everyone wore masks. Remember also that VAERS is NOT the only data the CDC has available to them. They have V-Safe data and also have data supplied directly from Health Providers and Insurers. We know after FOIA releases that V-Safe shows an identical picture, so none of the…


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