Watchman: The CDC Will Never Stop Deceiving Until They’ve Reached Their Goal of Mass Murder Upon the Global Population

HNewsWire: Watchman Sees Mass Murder and CDC Was the Main Driver,CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Is Leaving the Agency But Not for Jail, Why?

Rochelle Walensky, the director of the disgraced Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is leaving the agency, President Joe Biden announced during a press conference on Friday.

“Dr. Walensky has saved lives with her steadfast and unwavering focus on the health of every American,” President Biden said in a statement.

“As Director of the CDC, she led a complex organization on the frontlines of a once-in-a-generation pandemic with honesty and integrity. She marshalled our finest scientists and public health experts to turn the tide on the urgent crises we’ve faced.”

“Dr. Walensky leaves CDC a stronger institution, better positioned to confront health threats and protect Americans,” Biden added.

“We have all benefited from her service and dedication to public health, and I wish her the best in her next chapter.”

Walensky’s exit comes days before the federal government is set to end the public health emergency around COVID-19, and hours after the WHO declared that the Covid pandemic "global health emergency" is now over.

She has led the agency since the start of the Biden administration in January 2021; under her guidance US citizens were subjected to draconian mask and vaccine mandates which, it is now emerging, have been more harmful for the population than the actual virus.

Doctors: COVID-19 Kill Shot Vaccine Injured Testify in Washington D.C. To Evils Against Humanity — CDC, FDA, NIH, Fauci — Satan Soldiers Are All No Show

By StevieRay Hansen | July 23, 2023 |

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has consistently been the only member of the federal government who has dared to expose the crimes being committed by Big Pharma through the government COVID response. In 2020 Senator Johnson held meetings in Washington D.C. exposing the criminal activities of Big Pharma and federal health agencies in suppressing early treatment options for COVID-19 that thousands of doctors were using with a near 100% success rate. Here in 2021 Senator Johnson has held meetings with testimony showing how dangerous the COVID-19 vaccines have been, giving a voice to those who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones who died after the shots. Senator Johnson held another meeting in Washington D.C. today, one that has been planned for many weeks, regarding COVID-19 mandatory vaccines. Some of the top scientists and doctors in the world attended, as well…

Satan Soldiers at the CDC, Warning! The Codes’ Purpose Is “To Track People Who Are Not Immunized or Who Are Only Partially Immunized.” According to the CDC, Tribulation on Bad Steroids Is One of the Most Evil Corporations on the Planet

By StevieRay Hansen | June 17, 2023 |

HNewsWire: Watchman: The Vaccinated Are Dying, That Should Tell You Everything You Need to Know About the Kill Shot-Death In the United States, new medical diagnosis codes for COVID-19 immunization status have been added. One code indicates that you are “unvaccinated for COVID-19.” That code “may be assigned when the patient has not received at least one dose of any COVID-19 vaccination,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which established the new codes in 2022. Another code indicates that you are partially vaccinated, or that you have gotten at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine but not enough doses to match the CDC’s criteria of being completely vaccinated. The tags are intended to “monitor patients who are not inoculated or are just partially immunized,” according to the CDC. According to experts, the codes do not…

Pale Horse In Play: When the CDC Declared a COVID Emergency, You Couldn’t Attend to Church, Visit Your Dying Loved Ones, or Do Anything Else but Stay Home and Wear a Mask.

By StevieRay Hansen | May 3, 2023 |

When Rep. Weiner Was a Lockdown COVID Enthusiast, He Said That Individuals May Now “Select” Their Own Risk Level for Monkeypox CDC Emergency and San Francisco’s Homosexual Leather Parade. “Safer Sex, Social Gatherings, and Monkeypox” this is CDC Bullshit, You Can’t Make This Crap Up! Side Bar: Anyone who would be so stupid to play in someone else’s sh!t hole deserves any disease they get. Clean Up America. Pestilence, AIDS, monkeypox, what next? “DEATH”, yet still they harden their hearts HNewsWire: The Useless Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States amended its monkeypox guidance on Friday, recommending that persons most at risk, including males who have sex with men, “take a brief break” from such practices to help “contain… the Pestilence.” The modifications include recommendations that persons “take a brief hiatus” from sexual activity until they…

CDC Head Says She “Can’t Predict” When COVID Will End; Blames Unvaccinated — Dr. Rochelle Walensky a.k.a

By StevieRay Hansen | October 31, 2021 |

Satan Dark Princess Can’t Credit The Vaccinated Because Many Are DEAD… Speaking to a gathering of journalists and academics organized by the Health Coverage Fellowship, CDC Director Satan Dark Princess Rochelle Walensky warned that she can’t predict when the COVID pandemic will end – if it ever does – because it largely depends on human behavior, which is, of course, impossible to predict. Keep in mind, Walensky first gained public notoriety for her tearful outburst back in March, just as COVID deaths in the US were bottoming out. CDC Director Satan Dark Princess goes off script with an emotional plea to the public about an “impending doom” following rise in COVID cases: “Right now, I’m scared.”— The Recount (@therecount) March 29, 2021 Satan Dark Princess Dr. Walensky is setting the stage for the Biden Administration to continue with its heavy-handed vaccination mandates, even…

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) last week published what they called an "early release" of a study that used a unique set of curated populations to show that mRNA vaccines provided greater protection against COVID reinfection versus natural immunity or immunity obtained from a previous corona-virus infection. This "early release" study contradicted a larger study coming from Israel that was released in summer.

According to Just the News, the CDC study analyzed "COVID-19-like illness hospitalizations among adults" in nine states beginning January until Sept. 2. The report claims that public health authorities hailed COVID vaccines as the best way to avoid hospitalization or severe illness, which is why it was less likely that vaccinated people would undergo hospitalizations. This would hide their breakthrough infections versus those who were naturally immune. The CDC study then hastily concluded, "All eligible persons should be vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible, including unvaccinated persons previously infected with SARS-CoV-2."

Attorney Jenin Younes of the organization New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), took to social media to underscore how the CDC study contradicts a meta-analysis touted by the CDC, which found "no significant difference" between COVID vaccination and natural immunity against the corona-virus. NCLA is a group that combats COVID vaccine mandates through lawsuits.

"Anyone who has like five minutes can see how blatantly the CDC lies, by comparing this 'study' to this metanalysis then one should begin to question everything the CDC has ever said about COVID-19 (or perhaps anything)," Younes argued.

Immunologist Hooman Noorchashm, who serves as a medical expert for several NCLA cases said that the study was "another teleological piece of propaganda" arranged by the CDC because it did not include the COVID vaccine from Johnson & Johnson and likely included recovered people in the vaccinated group as well.

Meanwhile, Harvard Medical School epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff also took to Twitter to declare that the CDC study has a "major statistical flaw" because it falsely portrayed respiratory patients who were hospitalized as "representative of the population," rendering the odds ratio "wrong."

Alex Berenson, a former journalist for the New York Times, called the study "meaningless gibberish that would never have been published if the agency did not face huge political pressure to get people vaccinated."

CBN News reported that the CDC study also received backlash from a Virginia neurosurgeon named Dr. Mahesh Shenai, who said that it was a "confluence of methodological flaws that amplify to serve the predetermined message of the CDC.

On November 5, federal employees who claimed to have natural immunity against COVID filed a class-action lawsuit against the Biden administration's COVID task force. The lawsuit named National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci, CDC director Rochelle Walensky, White House corona-virus response coordinator Jeffrey Zients, and other officials with the Biden administration.

The lawsuit was filed in the District Court for the Southern District of Texas and decried the COVID vaccine mandates as "arbitrary and capricious," as well as "over-broad and poorly designed," as it violates Americans' constitutional rights against "unnecessary medical treatment."


By Edward O'Hara | March 2, 2024 |

Edward O’Hara… Is the whole world experiencing peace and safety? Or is there turmoil and insecurity? No doubt there is the latter. But, Paul gives us great hope in these last days. He gives instruction in 1Thes.5:3 that says the world will be saying peace and safety just before sudden destruction. So what is really going on?  Jesus said in Mt.24:37 that as it was in the days of Noah so it shall be at the time of the coming of the Son of man. Jesus also made a similar statement regarding the days of Lot in Luke17:28. This means that what happened then will happen at the time just before Jesus’ revealing. The Apocalypse. What do we see from the Bible that happened then that Jesus is telling us in Mt.24 will happen just before His return?  We read that…

Watchman’s Daily Devotional: The Journey Is Full of Trials. Those Trials Cause Grief, but They Also Accomplish a Purpose. They Prove Our Faith, Like Precious Metal Is Purified by Fire. They Burn out the Impurities of Our Worldly Ideas and Misguided Doctrines

By StevieRay Hansen | March 2, 2024 |

1 Peter 1:6-8 6In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. 7These have come so that your faith-of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire-may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. 8 Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy, Peter is discussing the paradox of the Christian life. We have a promising future awaiting us. The strength of the divine is sustaining us until we reach our destination. He mentions that this leads to great rejoicing. If you’re not filled with joy, you may not have fully…

Watchman: Franklin Graham and Donald Trump Engage in Joint Prayer. Just a Look Back: Franklin Graham Said if Jesus Were Walking the Earth Today, He Would Take the Vaccine. Mr. Trump Owns Warp Speed, Which Killed Millions. Their Prayers Should Be About Their Own Souls

By StevieRay Hansen | March 2, 2024 |

There was one person who understood how dangerous vaccines are that was in political life. It was Donald Trump, because this was a big issue during the campaign. And he made a big issue about, you know, the dangers of vaccines. So he knows. […] And I said to people, you know, as soon as the virus started, or as soon as they claimed there was a virus, because I think it was more than one thing going on, I said, don’t worry about Covid, worry about the injection, don’t take the injection, whatever you do. So if I knew that in March 2020, I’m sure Trump knew that. So no, $10 billion – he put in charge of Operation Warp Speed someone who was head of research at a pharmaceutical company and his expertise was on brain-machine interface. SRH:…

Watchman: MSNBC, Paul Krugman Is a Misguided Individual With Questionable Views. MSNBC and Paul Krugman Express Concern About “White Rural Rage” Another Example of Academia Bringing What People See as Ungodliness to Rural America, Rural Folks Say Hell No!

By StevieRay Hansen | March 1, 2024 |

This week in undisguised class hatred: the New York Times and MSNBC slobber over a new book on the domestic threat. HNewsWire: “Tom, I’ll start with you,” began Mika Brzezinski. “Why are rural white voters a threat to democracy at this point?” Fastball delivered, University of Maryland professor and co-author of just-released White Rural Rage: The Threat To American Democracy Tom Schaller took a swing. He and Mika first complained rural voters should be supporting Joe Biden, given his roots – you’d have to be pretty high to call Scranton “rural,” but whatever – then Schaller read off small town America’s charge sheet: rural whites, he said, are the most “racist,” “xenophobic,” “anti-immigrant and anti-gay,” “conspiracist,” “anti-democratic,” they “don’t believe in an independent press or free speech,” and are “most likely to accept or excuse violence,” for starters. White Rural…


By Edward O'Hara | March 1, 2024 |

FREELY GIVEN THEM… The world is in great turmoil because most have not received these. But, why? God has freely given them. The truth about how sin got here and how it affects humanity is not being told in most pulpits. So I’m going to break the mold here and share this with you now.  Historically, the origin of sin is the choice Adam made to eat the fruit. This was the sin of the first man. The first clause of Rom.5:12 and Gen.3:22-24 tells us how Adam’s sin brought physical death for himself. Not for all of mankind. But, only for himself. It’s in the next clause of Rom.5:12 that we find how this physical death that came to Adam has been spread throughout the whole human race, to all of Adam’s descendants. And Paul says it’s not the same…

Watchman: Americans Must Leave the Food Industrial Complex and Build Their Own Farms or Buy From Small Mom-And-Pop Ranches

By StevieRay Hansen | March 1, 2024 |

HNewsWire: by Tyler Durden A devastating wildfire ravages parts of the Texas Panhandle, home to more than 85% of the state’s cattle herd. This comes when the nation’s cattle herd has collapsed to a seven-decade low, pushing up retail beef prices at the supermarket to record high levels. Texas A&M Forest Service said the wildfire, called Smokehouse Creek fire, has scorched more than 850,000 acres (344,000 hectares) of grasslands as of Wednesday. Source: Bloomberg  Reuters spoke with state Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, who warned the wildfire has likely killed tens of thousands of livestock and destroyed grain in storage bins. “It’s almost like gasoline when it goes up,” Miller said, adding, “We have now lost over a million acres. Miller said the wildfire rages in the Panhandle area, where 85% of the state’s herd is located. It’s important to note that…

Watchman’s Warning: Without a Doubt, the Most Pervasive Idol in Modern Western Culture Is the New “Magic” of Medicine ”And It Will Kill

By StevieRay Hansen | March 1, 2024 |

By SRH, They’ll Never Take Jesus Out Of My Heart HNewsWire: There’s a Big Difference Between COVID-19 (Flu) and a Pestilent, If It Kills It’s a Pestilent, the COVID 19 Flu Is a Common Occurrence in Society, Time Will Tell What the Death Angel Has Prescribed I go back to my original statement in January, this is a “Pestilence”, God knew evil men were in labs concocting a virus with the intention of harming humanity. SRH… Reviewed by Evelyne Shuster In Murderous medicine Naomi Baumslag documents the complicity of Nazi doctors and pharmaceutical companies in murderous medical experiments related to epidemic typhus to further Jewish genocide. On the book’s cover is a picture of the shaved heads of newly dead men, frozen in snow, with snow caps as skull caps, reminiscent of the Jewish yarmulke. Eyes and mouths are closed,…

Watchman’s Daily Devotional: Western Nations Are All Introducing and Implementing Very Restrictive and Oppressive Online Censorship Bills in Concert Together, Biblical Facts Will Be Censored as Hate Speech Very Soon!

By StevieRay Hansen | March 1, 2024 |

And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable. Isaiah 3:5 Together, Western countries are proposing and enacting these draconian and stringent online censorship laws. Similar measures had previously been introduced in the US, but they are now on hold. A group of senators from both parties proposed the RESTRICT Act about a year ago, promoting it as a means of limiting foreign influence and TikTok. However, the bill targets VPN users and represents a tremendous power grab over what Americans can publish online. It has very little to do with any of that. A different measure, the EARN IT Act, was submitted in 2022 by some of the same individuals who presented RESTRICT, after failing in 2020.…

Watchman: MSLSD, a.k.a. MSNBC, and the Other Waking Heathens That Are Living Among Us Are Parasites That Are Contrary to God’s Will

By StevieRay Hansen | February 29, 2024 |

By SRH, The White Rural Voters Are the Greatest Threat to Democracy, According to MSNBC According to MSNBC, the most significant danger to democracy is a white voter in a rural area. In Cracker Barrel Country, that is all there is to say, folks. Over the course of a recent visit on Morning Joe, the authors of a recently published book with the title “White Rural Rage: The Threat to American Democracy” presented their argument. Some people believe that those who live in rural areas are the most racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant, and anti-gay, geographical group in the United States. In addition to that, they referred to us as a group of white Christian nationalists and said that we advocate for violence. The truth is that they say that, but it is a falsehood. Those who are responsible for the destruction…

Watchman:Any Food Rationing Program Run by the Government Will Have To Meet These Requirements: “Do You Have the Most Recent COVID Booster?” No Food Card Until Shots Are Up-to Date. Please Turn in Your Registered Guns Before Getting Food. We Saw Your Bad Comments on Social Media; You Might Not Be Qualified. Biblical Tribulation In Real Time

By StevieRay Hansen | February 29, 2024 |

By SRH, Hold on, things are about to get very sacred. No one knows exactly when Christ will come back, but we did get clear signs. I’ve said this many times. I might be wrong about this timing, but there’s no doubt that we are in the middle of a very terrible time of Tribulations. Any food rationing program managed by the government must meet the following criteria: “Do you have the most recent COVID booster shot?” There will be no food card unless the vaccines are current. Please surrender any registered firearms before receiving your meal. Your unfavorable comments on social media may reflect a lack of qualifications. Nothing is perfect; every system has a breaking point. People display tremendous resilience due to their intrinsic ability to adapt. However, this indicates that we routinely postpone dealing with our society’s…

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I Want Everyone to Know, Never Take Anyone’s Word for the Gospel, Especially Revelations, Here’s How It Works. When You’re in the Word God Will Speak to You Through His Holy Spirit He Will Move You in the Direction He Wants You to Go. Please Stop Looking For That Individual Here on Earth That Has All the Answers, They’re Not Here and That Confuse You.. That Includes Anything I Say, Always Test Every Spirit. Every Word That Is Uttered Out of Any Man’s Mouth Must Be Verified Through the Holy Spirit… Stevieray Hansen

I go back to my original statement in January, this is a "Pestilence", God knew evil men were in labs concocting a virus with the intention of harming humanity. SRH...

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StevieRay Hansen
[email protected]

Remember, the first people Hitler put in concentration camps weren't the Jews. The first people were the intellectuals, because if you take the intellectuals and the doctors off the street, if you stop people from talking, you can control the people.

You can’t say no, you can’t sue for harm, and you can’t see the data underlying the government’s claim that the product is safe and effective. That seems fair.

HNewsWire: “In October, November and December, There Will Be a Terrible Death Rate, Globally” Will Occur “Exclusively” With Vaccinated People. “Those Deaths Will Be Labeled Swiftly as a New Variant Strain of Covid

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