The Watchman: Fauci’s Personal Ethics Once Upon a Time, There Was a Man Who Was Filled With Darkness. His Actions Were Twisted, and His Mind Was Clouded. He Left a Trail of Chaos and Fear in His Wake, Causing Harm to Those Unfortunate Enough to Cross His Kill Shot Path. His True Nature, Hidden Beneath a Facade of Normalcy, Revealed a Soul Consumed by Evil

Isaiah 5:20 ESV 

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!



 HNewsWire: Evidence suggests that the injections damage the immune system over time in a dose-dependent way. Only if one survives the spike protein’s immediate toxicity may one enjoy the benefits of its long-term effects. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) slammed the White House’s Dr. Anthony Fauci and HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra for failing to provide critical information regarding a new COVID-19 subvariant. “How is it that the flu vaccination varies every year, but this vaccine is not?” On Tuesday, Paul spoke to Fox News. “You may have a point there,” I’ll admit. As long as you can tell me, “We have a new vaccination that truly has anything to do with the present infection,” I’ll take you at your word,'” the man added. Omicron subvariant BA.5 is particularly worrisome because of its high transmissibility, Fauci said last week in an…

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Jordan Schachtel

The BBC released an interview with Dr Fauci today at his new “job” at Georgetown University. I watched the whole thing so you don’t have to.

Here are the key highlights:

It looks like the Tiny Totalitarian still has his U.S. Marshals security detail, despite being "retired" from government service. His full time chauffeur and fully staffed taxpayer-funded security detail puts American on the hook for a million dollars a month.

The BBC interviewer, worshipping Fauci, discusses his fitness routine. Asked about the status of his diet, Fauci jokingly responds, “I can’t tell a lie.”

Next up, they walk past the church at Georgetown where Fauci got married. We then find out that the good doctor no longer practices religion, as he is guided by a higher moral authority: “my own personal ethics.”

“As far as practicing, it seems almost like a pro forma thing that I don’t really need to do,” he adds.

Fauci doesn’t need God. God needs Fauci.

The tough questions continue, with the interviewer asking him what it’s like to be a sex symbol.

Fauci says threats from 'extreme radical right' justify his taxpayer-funded chauffeur and security detail

Fauci says threats from 'extreme radical right' justify his taxpayer-funded chauffeur and security detail

Oct 16
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Fauci also explains that the aforementioned taxpayer-funded massive security detail is necessary because Republicans say mean things about him, taking high-profile figures out of context in order to justifying his 24/7 chauffeur and security.

Anthony Fauci to be awarded with prestigious 'Ethics Prize' for 'saving millions of lives'

Anthony Fauci to be awarded with prestigious 'Ethics Prize' for 'saving millions of lives'

Oct 25
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In between a year of receiving awards for his “heroism” during Covid hysteria, Fauci has chalked up another hard hitting interview with the corporate media in the books.


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