Watchman’s Update: Don’t Get Sick Because When a Patient Enters a Hospital, All of Their Rights Are Lost. The Watchman Warns They Will Kill for Profit. Informed Consent Was Not Even a Distant Memory in the Abusive Hellscape That’s in Our Medical Facility–Hell On Earth


Family Says They Saved Dad’s Life by Sneaking Him Ivermectin During 200-Day Hospitalization


by Rose Williams

Left: David Dentz during his COVID-19 hospitalization. Right: A poster from the "Save Dave" protest outside of Methodist Hospital. (Photos provided to Alpha News)

One man’s family took his care into their own hands when he was hospitalized with COVID-19. As a result, they believe they may have saved his life.

Shannon Fletcher, daughter of David Dentz, spoke with Liz Collin this week to share her dad’s story and long battle with COVID.

Dentz was hospitalized with COVID-19 for 208 days, one of the longest COVID stays in the state. Not until his family began slipping him ivermectin did his health begin to look up, Fletcher said.

Early days

Dentz’s own father was hospitalized with COVID-19 in the fall of 2021 at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids. A week after testing positive, Richard Dentz was admitted and subsequently told he wasn’t going to make it.

Although visitors were not allowed at that time, Fletcher insisted she be let in to see her dying grandfather, and she was shocked at his condition.

“It looked like he had been left for dead,” she said. “He had been there for about 24 hours, had not been fed, had not been moved.”

Her family was eventually approved to stay with him 24/7, so she and her siblings took turns staying with him. They were pressured to put him on a ventilator, so they did. Six days later, doctors said he needed to be unplugged from life support. He died due to organ failure and COVID pneumonia in November 2021.

“I’m not kidding, as they unplugged him, they made a comment that he should have been vaxxed,” Fletcher said.  “We heard that quite a few times when we were trying to get ivermectin or just anything for him.”

Around mid-November, Fletcher’s father, David Dentz, was also hospitalized due to COVID.

‘They wouldn’t try anything’

Dentz was put on a CPAP machine and given remdesivir, the only medication he was allowed to take. On Dec. 1, he agreed to be put on a ventilator.

Fletcher, her siblings, and their stepmom Angie were already on edge following their grandpa’s death, so they found it odd when the hospital did not require any sort of health care proxy for Dentz.

The family put money together to hire a patient advocate who would ask the hospital on Dentz’s behalf for other medications — ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, “anything,” Fletcher said.

“We just saw this happen with my grandpa, we need to try something different, and of course the answer was no,” Fletcher explained.

Methodist Hospital’s protocols required doctors to not administer ivermectin, Fletcher said. Two weeks into Dentz’s hospital stay, Fletcher and her family were paying out of pocket for an advocate and an attorney, trying to get Dentz help the hospital would not provide.

They were not allowed to visit him during this time, and the family held a “Save Dave” protest outside of the facility. Fletcher believes her father, who was not vaccinated, received worse treatment than those who were vaccinated against COVID.

The hospital also said he couldn’t be transferred.

“They absolutely would not try anything,” she said. “It was insane, the amount of hurdles we had to jump through, before we took matters into our own hands.”

The family hired a lawyer who agreed to take their case, only to find out on Jan. 9, 2022, almost two months into hospitalization, that Dentz’s wife, Angie, had to obtain emergency guardianship to make any further decisions.

Doctors and nurses tried to pressure Angie to unplug him several times, Fletcher said, but she did not give in. Every day from December 2021 through June 2022, Fletcher spoke with her two siblings and stepmom, and one of them visited Dentz every day.

“At this point we’ve lost all trust in the hospitals and their one-size-fits-all protocol,” Fletcher explained.

The hospital “shamed” the family when they didn’t want to give up on Dentz’s life, Fletcher said. Finally, Fletcher decided she wanted to bring ivermectin to her father and slip some in his mouth.

“There’s nothing that they’re going to do, and [they’re] already telling me he’s going to die, so we might as well try it,” Fletcher said.

After she succeeded once with the plan, her family continued sneaking ivermectin paste into Dentz’s mouth over the next five days.

“[The amount] was based on weight, so we took a small amount — and I know the media is going to put it down and call people crazy and this and that — but I don’t care because I believe he’s here for that reason,” Fletcher said.

“The day after we gave him ivermectin, Angie got a call and the doctor said she could not believe the progress that he was making. The very next day.”

Then Dentz was transferred out of the hospital to a specialist who said he was “overmedicated” and “over sedated,” according to Fletcher.

‘He’s doing amazing’

Over 200 days from his first admittance, Dentz was discharged. Fletcher said he struggles to breathe and has stage 3 kidney failure due to the remdesivir.

“Considering where we were, he’s doing amazing,” she said.

David Dentz (left) while in recovery with his family. (Photo provided to Alpha News)

Fletcher suspects Methodist knew what the family was up to. Alpha News reached out to the hospital but was told by a spokesperson that “to protect patient privacy, [they] can’t share any information.”

Fletcher advised not trusting the mainstream media about “anything they say.”

Hospitals have been prioritizing profits over patients, she said, and so she encouraged listeners to “get a hold of some ivermectin” and talk to people about their experiences with COVID.

They want you dead.


Do NOT comply.


HNewsWire: Here's what never happened in the hospital during COVID:

...a doctor sat down next to a patient and said, "You have a choice.  

We can give you Remdesivir, which killed 53% of the patients in an Ebola trial.  It was so bad the trial had to be shut down.  And you'll notice here in Remdesivir's fact sheet, it says, 'Not a lot of people have used Remdesivir.  Serious and unexpected side effects may happen.'  

Or we can give you ivermectin, a safe and effective drug that's been successfully used for decades, and send you home.  Which do you prefer?"

The reason that conversation never happened is that it would have cost the hospital too much money.  If the hospital gave you ivermectin and sent you home, the federal government paid the hospital $3,200.  If the hospital gave you Remdesivir, the federal government paid the entire hospital bill, plus a 20% bonus.  So the hospital executives' choice was to receive $3,200 or $500,000, which was the average hospital bill.  No contest.  Patients were going to get Remdesivir — whether they wanted it or not.

Informed consent died a grotesque death in the hospitals during COVID, and we need an autopsy.  There was no information, and there was no consent, and without them, patients are reduced to helpless victims, exploited for corrupt financial gain and immoral experiments.

Informed consent has been enshrined in numerous judicial rulings as the foundation of ethical medical practice and seared into the public's conscience from the Nuremberg trials.  Seven Nazi doctors were hanged in Germany by an American military tribunal for "murders, tortures, and other atrocities committed in the name of medical science."  Yet murders, tortures, and other atrocities are exactly what was committed by medical staff in the hospitals against thousands of Americans during COVID.

Take, for example, Ray Lamar, who arrived in the emergency room with a message written with a black sharpie pen on his arm: "NO VENT NO REMDESIVIR."  On his other arm, he wrote the same message and added his wife's name and phone number.  Yet the doctors gave him Remdesivir anyway, without ever informing him.  His widow Patti told me she constantly wonders what she could have done to save him.

Image via Patti Lamar.

Christine Johnson told the doctors that she discussed all her medications with her daughter, who is a nurse, and she concluded that she didn't want Remdesivir.  It didn't matter.  Christine was given Remdesivir while she was sleeping, and now her daughter Michelle doesn't have her mother.

Rebecca Stevens was an avid reader of Epoch Times, where she learned about Remdesivir's dangers.  She declined Remdesivir on five separate occasions, as her hospital records confirm.  But the medical staff didn't care what Rebecca wanted.  She was given Remdesivir without her knowledge, and now Rebecca's five grandsons are bereft.

I asked Michael Hamilton how it's possible to give Remdesivir to patients without them knowing.  Hamilton is a lawyer for several families who are suing California hospitals for the murder of their loved ones, and he's heard thousands of victims' stories.

 "They would lie right to your face," he said.  

"You'd tell the nurse that you didn't want Remdesivir and she'd say, 'Fine.  But you're a bit dehydrated, so let's get some fluids in you.'  And she'd hook up the IV, but it wasn't fluids.  It was Remdesivir."

Hamilton told me that another favored tactic was to knock out patients with sedatives like morphine and fentanyl.  While they lay there in a stupor, they were injected with Remdesivir.

If secret injections of Remdesivir weren't enough to kill you, the hospitals had more torture lined up.  After all, the federal government paid hospitals a big bonus to ventilate patients — so patients were going to get ventilated, whether they wanted to or not.  A lot of patients turned down being vented, because the whole process is a nightmare.  You're painfully intubated, rendered unable to talk; your lungs start shredding, and you may acquire bacterial pneumonia, which the hospital will refuse to treat.

But "no" is not an acceptable answer when the hospital has money at stake.  The medical staff's preferred method for gaining "consent" was relentless bullying, screaming, coercion, and threats until the patient finally caved.  Patti Lamar, Ray's widow, told me that when she refused to let them ventilate her husband, the doctors screamed at her over and over, "You're killing him!  You're killing him!  You're killing him!"  When she couldn't take it anymore, she reluctantly gave in.  Ray died shortly thereafter, and Patti lives with the trauma of that moment.

Image via Dayna Stevens.

Michael Hamilton told me the fate of his friend who was a nurse, hospitalized in the place where she had worked for 26 years.  When she refused ventilation, the doctor shrieked,

"You're refusing medical advice!  Now your insurance company won't pay your hospital bill when you die!  Do you want to bankrupt your family?  Do you?  Do you?"  The nurse panicked, and to protect her family, she "consented."  

Two days later, she died.

"This was a very common technique," Hamilton said.  

"I've heard it hundreds of times.  You tell the patient that unless they do what the doctor says, they'll bankrupt their family because insurance won't pay the hospital bills.  Nobody wants to do that to their family."  

Does this sound like informed consent to you?  It sounds more like medical battery to me.

The entire hospital environment was a hellscape of abuse in which informed consent wasn't even a distant memory.  Hamilton told me that patients were routinely denied all access to food and water, stupefied with 50 medications that included drugs contraindicated for each other, tortured with oxygen machines set at such high levels that they couldn't breathe, and zip-tied to the bed till their wrists bled and their hands turned black.  His stories align with 1,000 collected testimonies of the COVID-19 Human Betrayal Memory Project, which documents the victims' fates.

The ultimate denial of informed consent was the hospitals' refusal to allow the patients to leave.

"Patients lost all rights when they went in the hospital," Senator Ron Johnson told Patty Myers in her documentary, Making A Killing.  

"They became prisoners."  

A cottage industry of hospital rescues cropped up, as desperate family members hired lawyers to try to spring their loved ones out of hospital "care."  Ralph Lorigo, a lawyer in Buffalo, told me that in every case when he succeeded in getting a patient's case before a judge and the judge ruled in the family's favor, the patient went home and survived.  In all cases where the judge refused to hear the case or ruled against the family, the patient died.

Every American is a sovereign individual with inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not a sack of meat to be treated as a profit opportunity.  Informed consent must be revived from the grave if Americans are to have a fighting chance against powerful financial interests allied against them.


Dinesh Kaushiva Septmeber 7, 2023 In order to implement the Democrat Party’s and World Economic Forum’s COVID-19 PLAN-demic Agenda the Democrat Party’s  Medical Team and Obama’s Trained Weaponized Federal Agencies began to Practice Medicine without a License and also changed the Historical Scientific Medical Terms, Definitions and Standards. The above mentioned facts have been confirmed but many other violations and alleged crimes are still being ignored. At the start of the Planned COVID-19 PLAN-demic The Democrat Party’s Medical Team led by U.S Department of Defense D.A.R.P.A  in the back ground and in the front crew of Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and Every Federal Medical Agency Head from HHS, NIH, NAID (Dr. FAUCI’s NIH Division), FDA and CDC began to issue Directives and Mandates, Dictated Drug Remdesivir and Treatment Protocols Advisories to every Licensed Practicing Medical Doctor and Medical Facilities with…

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SRH: FDA and CDC now fall under the new government of the WEF. A federal appeals court in New Orleans ruled on Friday that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had overstepped its authority in their ruling that three doctors will be able to move forward with their lawsuit over the use of ivermectin off-label to treat COVID-19. Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, one of three doctors who initially filed the charges, trumpeted the ruling as a victory for not only the truth, but patient rights. “The FDA misled the public into thinking it has more authority than it does,” Dr. Bowden, a practitioner and founder of Coalition of Health Freedom, told The Epoch Times. “This decision confirms that the FDA is not your doctor and has no authority to tell doctors how to practice medicine.” The Federal Government and Bureaucracies’…

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The non-FDA approved drug Ivermectin has become quite controversial since the outbreak in 2020. Multiple public figures have been scrutinized for their use of the drug to aid their COVID-19 symptoms. Interestingly enough, despite scrutiny the drug appears to have shown as effective against COVID-19 symptoms. Joe Rogan contracted COVID-19 on or about September 1st, after conducting a stand up show. He then took to instagram to spread the news to his followers. “So we threw the kitchen sink at it, all kinds of meds,” Rogan said, specifying he took a Z-Pak (aka the antibiotic azithromycin), prednisolone (a corticosteroid used to treat inflammation) and Ivermectin, which is a drug used to treat parasitic worms in horses. The New York Times reported on Aug. 30 that Ivermectin has “repeatedly failed in clinical trials to help people infected with the coronavirus.” If the New York…

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