Watchman Reporting : ‘God Complex’: Godless Klaus Schwab Will Run WEF Like a King Until Death, “Son of Man” “Give Them Warning” “You Wicked Person, You Will Surely Die” God Never Fails

Godless is used about a dozen times in the Old Testament in the modern versions. The word literally means “without god.” The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines godless as “not acknowledging a deity or divine law.” The godless have no respect for God; their thoughts and words are profane; they act in impious and wicked ways.

The Old Testament gives several details about the godless person. We find that the godless shall not have an audience with God (Job 13:16). Isaiah speaks of judgment coming upon Israel, who had become godless (Isaiah 33:14), at the hands of a godless nation (Isaiah 10:6).

In the New Testament, the word godless appears four times in the New International Version and the New American Standard Bible, whereas the English Standard Version translates the same Greek word three times as “irreverent” and once as “unholy.” The first three occurrences in the New Testament refer to godless speech (chatter, babble, and myths) that should be avoided (1 Timothy 4:7; 6:20; 2 Timothy 2:16). The final occurrence refers to Esau as a godless (or unholy) person who showed great disrespect for God in selling his birthright (Hebrews 12:16).

Taking all the biblical evidence into account, the term godless seems to describe someone or something that does not honor the One True God. In the Old Testament, godlessness manifests itself primarily in two ways. First, there are those like the nations who surrounded Israel; they may have been very religious, but they did not know the One True God. Then there are those within Israel who should have known God but acted as if they did not, so they were godless as well. (This may be the reason that the KJV translates the Hebrew word as “hypocrite”—even though they had intellectual knowledge of the One True God, they did not act on that knowledge.)

In the New Testament, godlessness is closely associated with irreverence. Godless usually describes speech that dishonors, makes light of, or even mocks the serious things of God. Godless people naturally speak in godless ways. The believer must avoid all kinds of godless speech and attitudes.

The godless person is not a person who has no god, for everyone has gods, including the atheist. A god is simply that which a person elevates to the position of greatest importance and significance. For some people this is the One True God or some pagan god, and for others it may be family, wealth, prestige, scientific materialism, or personal autonomy. Everyone has gods, even the godless, but only believers in Christ know and revere the One True God as He has revealed Himself in Scripture—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

HNewsWire: Godless According to current and former employees, Klaus Schwab, the founder and head of the World Economic Forum, has a "god complex" and wants to rule the organization until his passing like a pope or monarch.

This week, the World Economic Forum's annual conference is beginning in Davos, and a number of WEF staff members are apparently debating the organization's post-Klaus Schwab future.

In light of the fact that Schwab will turn 85 in March of this year, some insiders of the company have inquired as to who will succeed the arch-globalist as CEO of their company.

Contrary to many other organizations around the world, the WEF's leadership is solely responsible for deciding who will succeed them, according to the group's charter, which states that Schwab has the only right to make that decision.

POLITICO specifically cites detractors who claim that Schwab rules the organization like a king or pope and that this succession question fits in with this style of leadership who say that Schwab will not provide clarity on the issue anytime soon. A number of people who have worked with the World Economic Forum or are currently doing so do not believe that Schwab will do so.

According to a WEF veteran living in the United States, "[Schwab] has a God complex and thinks he's in the fittest 0.1 percent." But nobody is indestructible, they added. That they don't have a succession plan to inspire public trust in is ridiculous. According to a different staff member, Schwab may try to manage his own succession from "beyond the grave," as POLITICO puts it.

The staff member said, "Klaus has revised his will several times a year for decades, so it's just impossible to tell what he would decide in the end." Former heads of state who believed they were in the running 20 years ago continued, but it was reportedly added that all of these contenders had either grown weary of waiting for Schwab to relinquish power or had fallen out of favor with the WEF's powerful chairman.

Overall, the article implies that there is a good potential that a family member of Schwab's could succeed him and rule once again like a king. Other candidates discussed include former Norwegian Finance Minister Brge Brende and European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde. Brende was hired by Schwab in 2017 and is considered a potential candidate despite her advancing age, which has allegedly been identified as a problem for any handover.

Another potential candidate to lead the organization is Philipp Rösler, a former vice chancellor of Germany with the libertarian Free Democratic Party who joined the group in 2014 with the apparent intention of succeeding Schwab.

Rösler, who was born in Vietnam and was later adopted by German parents, is thought of as being relatively youthful at 49 years old. Should he apply for the position, his experience serving as both the Technology and Economy Minister in Angela Merkel's cabinet would likely be strong resume fillers.


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Sources: HNewsWire

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