Watchman: The Similarities Between the Bird Flu ‘Vaccine’ Promotion and the COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Initiative Expose a Strategic Move to Exploit Health Emergencies for Financial Gain and Power

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By SRH, Declared by billionaire Bill Gates as the “Disease X” globalists have been preparing as the “next plandemic,” avian flu is indeed. Globalists have been preparing for a more lethal and devastating epidemic ever since the Kill Shot COVID plandemic faded and the general populace reclaimed their liberties.

Dr. Kelly Victory, a prominent expert in emergency medicine and disaster management, has raised concerns about the weaponization of bird flu in bioweapon laboratories, resulting in increased human-to-human transmission of the virus. In a recent interview on the podcast “Redacted,” Dr. Victory shares her extensive research findings, which provide irrefutable evidence that avian influenza has been deliberately manipulated in a laboratory setting. According to Dr. Victory, it is highly unusual for bird flu to possess the ability to transmit between humans. This alarming development raises significant public health concerns and necessitates immediate attention and precautionary measures. However, she warns that scientists have “manipulated” the virus using gain-of-function research in bio-labs. This gain-of-function manipulation of the virus would create “significant human-to-human transmission with this most recent outbreak.

In a concerning development that echoes the recent COVID-19 “vaccine” saga, pharmaceutical giant Moderna has secured a whopping $176 million from the U.S. government to fast-track the development of a new mRNA flu vaccine. This vaccine is purportedly designed to protect against both seasonal influenza and bird flu viruses currently circulating in the United States. As Moderna prepares to kick off clinical trials next year, working closely with the U.S. government’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), questions arise about the true motives and implications of this massive investment.

Government’s Growing Concerns

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has expressed “serious concerns” about a potential health crisis stemming from an avian flu outbreak. With the virus continuing to spread among mammals, there is a so-called “looming threat” of a new pandemic “if” it manages to jump to humans. This scenario, as reported by The Telegraph, has fueled the urgency behind the government’s investment in Moderna’s new gene therapy injection, marketed as a ‘vaccine’.

However, while globalists pretend to be trying to protect the public from this “looming threat,” their actions suggest a more sinister goal. The push for viruses to jump from mammals to humans could further harm farmers and lead to the destruction of animals that form a crucial part of the human diet. This would devastate traditional farming communities and pave the way for the promotion of lab-grown meat and bugs, aligning with the globalist agenda of controlling the food supply. By undermining natural food sources, they aim to steer the population towards synthetic alternatives, thereby increasing their grip on what people consume and furthering their control over the masses.

Moderna’s Financial Woes

This investment comes at a critical time for Moderna. In the first quarter of this year, the company reported a staggering billion-dollar loss, as the demand for coronavirus “vaccines” has nearly vanished. Moderna’s revenue plummeted by 91 percent to a mere $167 million, a sharp contrast to the over $19 billion generated from COVID-19 shots in 2022. This financial downturn has led the company to seek new revenue streams, and the avian flu injections appear to be the next goldmine.

A New Goldmine for Vaccine Makers?

Moderna isn’t the only player in this game. Reports suggest that the U.S. government is also in talks with Pfizer about developing an mRNA vaccine against the avian flu virus. Pfizer, another major beneficiary of the COVID-19 “vaccine” boom, is similarly on the lookout for new lucrative opportunities. The financial motivations behind these developments cannot be ignored, especially considering the immense profits both companies reaped from their COVID-19 injections.

European Union’s Involvement

The situation extends beyond the United States. Last month, the European Union signed a contract for the delivery of over 40 million bird flu vaccines to 15 countries, with the first shipment headed to Finland. This large-scale procurement is an indicator of the growing global hysteria over avian flu and the potential for their new much desired pandemic.

Setting the Tone: A Warning for the Public

The parallels between the current push for an avian flu gene therapy marketed as a ‘vaccine’ and the recent COVID-19 vaccine campaign are striking. The rapid mobilization of resources, the significant financial investments, and the involvement of major pharmaceutical companies all point towards a coordinated effort to capitalize on a new health crisis. The public should be wary of the motivations behind these developments, as the financial interests of big pharma and globalist agendas seem to take precedence over genuine public health concerns.

It is crucial to scrutinize the actions of these pharmaceutical giants and the governments that support them. The lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic should inform the public’s approach to any new health threats, ensuring that public health is not compromised for the sake of profit.





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