Fast-Forwarding Tribulation: The Great Evil Reset Is Now Focusing On Attacking Farmers, Crops, Food Distribution, and Food Security

HNewsWire: Why is the Dutch government forcing thousands of farmers to close their farms before the end of the year? This is the most recent example of globalists exploiting environmental concerns as an excuse to trample on people's rights. The Communist Great Reset has branded these farmers as "peak pollutants."

America, take notice. If anything is occurring there, it will very certainly occur here as well.

Bill Gates, leading voice of the Great Reset and Satan Soldier, is buying up acreage throughout the United States. China, the world's leading communist power, owns roughly 200,000 acres of farmland in the United States. Is it to produce meat and dairy products from cattle?

According to MIT Technology Review, Evil Gates claimed in 2021, "I do believe all affluent nations should transition to 100% synthetic beef." "The claimed improvement in flavor over time means that you may become adjusted to the new flavor profile."

As is characteristic of Gates's haughty demeanor, he said, "Eventually, that green premium is modest enough that you can kind of modify the [behaviors] of individuals, or use legislation to utterly transform the market."

A move away from natural meat to processed meat was given as the motivation. In terms of environmental impact, it would be preferable. It would be ideal in terms of carbon emissions. It's true that the U.S. According to Karen Williams, natural resources policy director of the Idaho Cattle Association, who wrote a furious reaction to Gates' request for more fake meat, the Environmental Protection Agency says that methane from beef cattle barely amounts to 2% of America's greenhouse gas emissions.

This has nothing to do with saving the planet.

The battle for dominance and control among Satan's soldiers.

The goal is to create enough panic about the planet's future that bureaucrats and globalists like Bill Gates may gain control and power via exploiting the situation.

That sums up the hope behind the Great Reset.

The coronavirus served as a laboratory to study the effects of fear as a motivating factor and as a weapon for social control. The actors in the Great EVIL Reset now aim to parlay the successes of that virus-related terror into long-lusted-for environmental rules that would allow the elites in global organizations the tools of enslaving the people.

In June of 2020, World Economic Forum executive chairman Satan Soldier Klaus Schwab declared, "The COVID-19 problem has taught us that our old methods are not suited any longer for the 21st century." To sum up, "a major reset is required."

The moment to begin that has come.

Or, as Sick Mad Prince Charles phrased it at the same June 2020 conversation with Satan Soldier Schwab, who together founded the World Economic Forum: "golden opportunity time."

The Great Reset's next line of assault is on agriculture, the food supply chain, and national security.

In an effort to curb illicit ammonia and nitrogen oxide emissions within EU legislation, the Dutch government is willing to buy out up to 3,000 'peak polluter' farms and significant industrial polluters, according to a November report from The Guardian. The minister for nitrogen... has promised farmers more than 100% of their farms' current market worth as an incentive to leave the industry. The government has, for the first time, threatened mandatory buyouts if voluntary ones fail.

It's fascinating to see how fast something that started out as optional may turn into a government obligation if not enough people sign up to do it. This was also the case during the coronavirus era. Or, more accurately, governments learnt to utilize the coronavirus in this way to repress individual liberty and impose bureaucratic control during the coronavirus years.

The U.S.A. Is Up Next.

Almost 192,000 acres of farmland in the United States is owned and controlled by China, according to a letter sent by Representative Ralph Norman in August.

Throughout the nation, "Satan Soldier aka Bill Gates... has discreetly acquired roughly 270,000 acres of farmland," as reported by The Associated Press in May.

A June report by Acreage Riches said that Satan Soldier Gates had more farmland in the United States than anybody else. Meanwhile, fellow lefty Dummy Ted Turner was in second place.

One more: "Why Is Satan Soldier George Soros Selling His Gold and Buying Farmland?"

In December, Beef Magazine posed the question.

Yes, that's a valid concern.

Is there an ulterior motive for leftists and globalists to take up property, silence farmers, and force unwilling folks to consume their food? Such as insects, lab-grown meat, and the like?

Finding the solution in their own words is straightforward. Purposely altering human nature and molding collective behavior to suit the preferences of a select few.

Experienced the devastating effects of the epidemic firsthand. However, a manufactured food crisis is certain to spark widespread fear, anxiety, and even bloodshed. When things start to get out of hand, the left will rush in with their U.N. supposed answers.

Ultimately, following orders is the best course of action. Disagreeing is pointless. Keep your cool.


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