Brought to You by Bill Gates “Death” Gates Happen to Be Very Sick, Demonic! And No-One on Earth Will Be Able to Stop This Guy

HNewsWire: Former Pfizer Executive Believes Vaccine Leak Was Intention,Satan Soldier, Wanna-be Doctor Bill Gates Has Stated That COVID-19 Was ‘Pandemic One,’ and the Next One Will Really Get Everyone’s Attention.

A group of godless men ( one of those EVIL Men, Bill Gates and Co.) will rule over a corrupt political system. In Revelation and Daniel, the Bible associates this End-Times Ruler with a Dreadful Beast, and the Time Has Come for You to Prepare for Him...

The Democrats' (most Satan Soldiers') ownership of the "Inflation Reduction Act," which, according to the Congressional Budget Office, will raise taxes on the middle class by $20 billion, not to mention unleash an army of IRS agents on working class Americans over the next decade, was made possible by Bill Gates and (to a lesser extent) Larry Summers, who have been known to hang out together. Friendship gathering

Of course, the bill was signed yesterday.

In a Bloomberg article published on Tuesday that reads more like a newsletter for the Gates fan club, the billionaire Microsoft co-founder recalls how earlier this year, as moderate Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema continued to oppose the tax-and-spend legislation over concerns that it would raise taxes on the middle class (which it will), Gates says he tapped into a relationship with Manchin that he'd been cultivating since at least 2019.

Gates was banking on more than just his trademark optimism in addressing climate change and other seemingly intractable issues that have occupied his attention since stepping down as CEO of Microsoft two decades ago. As he revealed to Bloomberg Green, he had quietly lobbied Manchin and other senators since before President Joe Biden was elected, anticipating a rare moment when significant federal funding for the clean-energy transition could be secured.

Those conversations gave him reason to believe that the senator from West Virginia would come through for the climate—and he was willing to press the case himself until the bitter end. "People felt in the last month like, OK, we tried, we're done, it failed," Gates said. "I thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." So he tapped into a relationship he'd had with Manchin for at least three years. "We were able to talk even when he felt no one was listening." -Bloomberg

We know, use a spoon to gag us. Gates and Manchin's bromance reportedly began when the billionaire courted the West Virginia Senator at a 2019 dinner in Seattle in an effort to gain support for clean-energy policy. Manchin was the senior Democrat on the energy committee at the time.

"My conversation with Joe has been going on for quite some time," Gates explained. After Manchin walked (again) on the bill in December, citing concerns that it would exacerbate the national debt, inflation, and the pandemic, as well as geopolitical uncertainty with Russia, Gates pounced. A few weeks later, he met with Manchin and his wife, Gayle Conelly Manchin, at a Washington, DC restaurant to discuss what West Virginia needed. Manchin understandably wanted to keep jobs in the heart of the US coal industry, whereas Gates suggested that coal plant workers could simply switch to nuclear plants like Gates' TerraPower.

Manchin did not appear to be persuaded. He declared the previous version of the Inflation Reduction Act, "Build Back Better," "dead" on February 1. Democrats assembled a team of economists and other Manchin influencers to persuade him otherwise, including former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, who convinced Manchin that the bill would not raise taxes on the middle class or add to the deficit.

Collin O'Mara, CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, enlisted the help of economists from the University of Chicago and the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School to allay Manchin's fears. Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, who has spent decades advising Democrats, was brought in by Delaware Senator Chris Coons.

According to O'Mara, the economists were able to "send this signal that [the bill] is going to help with the deficit." "It will be slightly deflationary, but it will stimulate growth and investment in all of these areas." Clean-energy investments could be reframed for Manchin as a hedge against future spikes in oil and gas prices, as well as a way to potentially export more energy to Europe, through this subtle alchemy. -Bloomberg

On July 7, Gates reacted once more when Manchin was spotted at the Sun Valley media conference in Idaho, which Gates also attended. "We had a discussion about what was missing and what needed to be done," Gates explained. "And then there were a lot of phone calls."

Gates is pleased with the new legislation. He completed the task at hand. "It's one of the happier moments in my climate work," Gates said. "There are two aspects of climate work that excite me. One is when policy is done well, and this is by far the most important example." Another source of joy for him is interviewing people at climate and clean-tech startups: "I heard about this incredible new method of producing steel, cement, and chemicals." -Bloomberg

"I don't want to take credit for what happened," Gates says in the article about how he gets credit for what happened.

Bill Gates has brought you this. "DEATH" Gates Are Very Sick, Demonic! and no one on the planet will be able to stop him.


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