Watchman: Bird Flu H5N1 Has Been Weaponized: Psychopath Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Has Funded Gain of Function Research With the Intention to Make H5N1 Transmissible to Humans, as Has Global Vaccine Profiteer Satan Soldier Bill Gates, Baden-Mayer and the U.S. Government


As news of the COVID epidemic fades, we're now seeing signs of another pandemic emerging - bird flu, sometimes known as avian influenza.
Here's what you should know before you panic.

Overview of the story

As the COVID epidemic draws to a close, we're seeing reports of a new pandemic brewing: bird flu, sometimes known as avian influenza (H5N1)

Natural bird flu is known to be harmless to people, but for many years, Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci have supported research to generate a bird flu virus capable of infecting humans. Some of that research has been carried out in biolabs supported by the Pentagon in Ukraine.

Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka's research was supported by Gates, who combined the bird flu virus with the 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) virus to create an airborne hybrid capable of entirely bypassing the human immune system, thereby putting humans powerless against it.

The United States and other nations have already begun storing H5N1 vaccine, and the Audenz H5N1 vaccine is being sold "for 2022."
As if on cue, the first H5N1-positive case was discovered in the United States near the end of April 2022.

As the COVID epidemic draws to a close, we're seeing reports of a new pandemic brewing: bird flu, sometimes known as avian influenza (H5N1).
Dr. Robert Redfield, former Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, remarked in a CenterPoint interview on March 30, 2022:1

"I think the big pandemic will occur in the future, and it will be a bird flu pandemic for humans." It will have a high mortality rate ranging from 10% to 50%.
It's going to be a headache."

Anyone familiar with bird flu will question where Redfield and other "experts" are getting their forecasts from, given that wild bird flu is famously safe to humans.

In early April 2022, word of a highly virulent avian flu ravaging chicken and turkey flocks in the United States was published, prompting the massacre of millions of these creatures.

However, historically, bird flu has never presented a danger to humans – that is, until scientists began tampering with it, generating a hybrid with human pandemic potential.

Natural bird flu has never posed a threat to humans.

According to Alexis Baden-Mayer, the Organic Consumers Association's political director:


"H5N1 kills more than half of those who get it, although H5N1 has been circling the globe for decades with barely 860 human cases globally...

H5N1 is not spread person-to-person.

There are no food safety concerns with H5N1. If farm workers and meat packers do not get bird flu in filthy industrial farms or slaughterhouses, it is no surprise that the rest of us do not contract bird flu by eating raw eggs or handling raw chicken."

Despite this, the United States and other nations have begun stockpiling H5N1 vaccine, and the Audenz H5N1 vaccine is being sold "for 2022."

The US Food and Drug Administration approved this vaccine in January 2020, followed by a supplementary approval in 2021.
As if on cue, the first H5N1-positive case was discovered in the United States near the end of April 2022.

The bird flu virus has already been weaponized.

According to Baden-Mayer, the only way a human bird flu would appear is if it was created, and wouldn't you know it, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has funded gain of function research with the goal of making H5N1 transmissible to humans, as has global vaccine profiteer Bill Gates. Some of such research has taken place in biolabs supported by the Pentagon in Ukraine.

Please read Baden-thorough Mayer's essay for further information.

Not unexpectedly, Gates has warned that another pandemic — something other than coronavirus — will develop, adding that this next pandemic "will attract attention this time."

Christian Westbrook, dubbed the Ice Age Farmer14, describes Gates' financing of Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka in Wisconsin to find changes in several bird flu viruses that may have pandemic potential in the featured video. Since 1990, Fauci has also supported Kawaoka's work.

Kawaoka combined bird flu virus with Spanish flu virus in one experiment, resulting in a very fatal respiratory virus with human transmission capabilities.

Kawaoka has also experimented with H5N1 and 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) viral mixes, developing an airborne hybrid16,17,18 capable of entirely avoiding the human immune system, thereby making people powerless against it.

On a side note, this incredibly dangerous study was carried out in a biosafety level 2 facility!

The bird flu has been tinkered with and altered in a number of ways, making it both airborne (which it was not before) and capable of cross-species infection.

A team of Dutch researchers headed by virologist Ron Fouchier generated an airborne variant of bird flu around the same period, using a mix of genetic engineering and serial infection of ferrets.

Fauci also financed Fouchier's research.

So the bird flu has been tinkered with and altered in a number of ways, making it both airborne (which it was not before) and capable of cross-species infection.

Kawaoka's and others' findings generated significant alarm regarding gain of function research a decade ago, since it was clearly understood that it may unintentionally CAUSE a human pandemic.

As a consequence, the United States government announced a temporary moratorium on gain of function research on specific viruses in 2014, which lasted until December 2017.

We just learned that Fauci got around the prohibition by continuing to support gain of function research on coronaviruses in China during those years.
Today, it seems that weaponized bird flu will be purposely disseminated in order to fulfill the geopolitical goals of the technocratic elite, to whom Gates belongs.

A ploy to eradicate meat consumption?

Westbrook (the Ice Age Farmer) believes that weaponized bird flu will be used to bring in The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which would entail the abolition of conventional farming and animal eating in favor of patented lab-created "foods."

Indeed, millions of chickens are being slaughtered in the name of food safety, and deer, a favorite hunting meal, are being targeted for COVID immunization to avoid cross-species transmission of a mutant virus.

Not unexpectedly, the false PCR test that enabled for the fabrication of COVID "cases" is being utilized to detect these outbreaks.

North Carolina chick vendors were notified in early April 2022 that they would not even be allowed to replenish.

They can sell the chicks they currently have on hand, but that's all.
It is unclear how long that limitation is meant to stay in effect, but the way things are going, it might be permanent.

Bird flu, according to Jacob Thompson of Wine Press News, is being exploited as a handy pretext to clear the market of natural beef and poultry:

... did you notice the subtle effect and propaganda that COVID in animals is communicating to us?"
It's becoming evident that this is where the story is going...
The evil controllers need to wean the people off meat, therefore the'solution' will be to intentionally kill them off, vaccine them to death, and mandate that it be removed from the stores."

Controlled Protein Supply Destroyment

As Westbrook points out, the mainstream media is now warning that we may soon face "an apocalyptic bird flu" capable of wiping off half the world's population.
Meanwhile, over the past 15 years, Gates and others have supported the development of such a disease, and the US Department of Defense has funded research into how to attach viruses to migrating birds.

Yet we are being brainwashed into believing that if fatal human bird flu does arise, it will do so naturally.
Don't be duped.
To paraphrase Westbrook, we are seeing "a deliberate deconstruction of the protein supply."
Nothing about it is accidental or natural.

Fertilizer shortages are also having a disastrous influence on our food supply, restricting the quantity of maize and soy that can be sown this year, and these limitations mean farmers can't feed their animals, especially hens, thus egg shortages are already developing.

If you're still puzzled by artificial food shortages, famine, and The Great Reset, consider how simple it will be for the global cabal to govern masses when they're starving to death.
In the event of a worldwide famine, they may pitch themselves as "saviors," handing you digital IDs that enable you to receive a ration of processed food.

Of course, the digital ID will also work as a vaccination passport, so you'll have to take whatever vaccine they tell you to in order to obtain your food, and it will be linked to a centrally controlled programmed money that can be taken if you don't comply.
The ultimate goal is to cause so widespread devastation that the people of the planet gladly give up all rights and liberties.

Previous Bird Flu Hoaxes

President George W. Bush and US authorities warned in 2005 that avian flu will kill 2 million Americans and 150 million worldwide.
It was a preposterous threat that never came true, but it helped advance the bioweapons industrial complex.
Gain of function research was financed in the billions of dollars and described as "essential" for vaccine development.

However, it was a dual-purpose initiative to develop bioweapons that could subsequently be used to benefit Big Pharma.
In 2006, I was so persuaded by the evidence AGAINST a bird flu pandemic that I authored the book "The Great Bird Flu Hoax," which detailed the vast fraud involved.
The book became a New York Times best-seller.
In it, I described how:

Multinational medicine businesses and food corporations invest billions of dollars in influencing your view of health and the daily news in order to enhance their profits and the health dangers (and ethical violations) they are really responsible for.

Scientists are hired by pharmaceutical firms and other large corporations to report whatever "research results" they are paid to report.

The government is more than just complicit; it actively collaborates with drug companies and other pillars of the traditional health care paradigm, and is directly responsible for raising false alarms in order to divert your attention away from the real public health and safety issues they perpetuate.

Threats of a bird flu (or swine flu) pandemic have occurred countless times since, but the result has always been the same: nothing.
Pandemic specialists utilized fear to promote the swine flu in 2009, driving millions to line up for the fast-tracked 2009 H1N1 vaccination.

It was very reactive, causing significantly more damage than the virus itself.
(However, when compared to the damage produced by the experimental mRNA COVID doses, the H1N1 vaccination injuries are a drop in the bucket.)

The World Health Organization declared mutant avian flu to be "one of the most dangerous" forms in 2013.
However, despite killing 22 individuals in China, researchers found no evidence of continuous transmission between humans, which is required for a pandemic flu virus.
In the end, the epidemic story fizzled.

On May 6, 2022, I was contacted by Associated Press reporter David Klepper, who asked if I still believe the avian flu was a hoax (based on my New York Times bestselling book "The Great Bird Flu Hoax") and if I've changed my mind about the possibility of a human bird flu pandemic, given our recent experience with COVID-19 and the current outbreaks in poultry.
No, I have not, in a nutshell.

Although bird flu is prevalent in the United States, and millions of birds are being slaughtered, the natural virus is not extremely transmissible or fatal to people.
If we do end up with a deadly human bird flu, there's every reason to believe it was created by humans.
There is also every reason to believe that a bird flu vaccination will be useless, dangerous, or both.

Originally published on on May 18, 2022.

Sources and citations


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