Watchman: All of Satan’s Solders Are Feeble, Weak Men Infected With the World’s Worst Sin Virus? Gates, Fauci, and Trudeau Are All Completely Devoid of Conscience. Bill Gates, Please Go to Hell. You Are a Demon. The Good News Is That You Will Not Live Indefinitely. The Bad News Is That You Are a Megalomaniac Who Is Still Causing Harm to Humanity


Gates uses his privileged position at the New York Times to push for the establishment of a Global Health Emergency Corps, which would be housed at the World Health Organization and run by the same individuals who were responsible for the current plandemic response. In other words, it would be the center of the world government pushing for more global lockdowns—lockdowns while the world awaits a new batch of vaccines.

If you can believe it, he made the previous mess with no lessons learned. He is, in fact, utterly shameless about it. According to him, the only issue is that we didn't secure the area quickly enough, distribute kill Shot vaccines quickly enough, and carry out sufficient research beforehand to create the ideal Kill Shots. And yes, gain-of-function research is unavoidably required for this.

In other words, according to Gates, research should continue to experiment in laboratories with methods that foresee future pathogens, increasing the risk of lab leaks that then call for fixes that can only be made and distributed by the pharmaceutical companies in which he has made significant investments.

Bill Gates is merely a wealthy totalitarian who envisions himself as a leader of the proletariat once the global fascist state is established and in charge of all national governments. His technology will enable the "mark of the beast," and he has every intention of joining the elite group of people who will use the antichrist's power to control the masses and lead them into the depths of hell.

This leads to the hellish cycle that is currently in effect: gain-of-function research to anticipate the next pathogen by creating it, risking a lab leak that releases the pathogen, which then needs to be fixed by the vaccines themselves, but the world needs to be put under lockdown until they can be distributed to billions of people.

And remember that Gates isn't just another man penning an opinion piece. He effectively owns the World Health Organization, so his argument in favor of a permanent pandemic bureaucracy is well-reasoned. To ensure that Sweden would never again exist, his ideal bureaucracy would supersede national sovereignty.

It's challenging for any one nation to halt the spread of a disease on its own, he writes. The highest levels of government must coordinate many of the most significant actions.

The model is constant and was inspired by the field of computer science. A clean hard drive exists, which can be compared to the human body or entire societies. They are functioning properly when malware, an exogenous threat, appears. We need up-to-date software to defeat it. It goes without saying that you shouldn't start your computer until the hard drive has been cleaned.

I'm not kidding; Gates has no more sophisticated knowledge of viruses than that. In years, he has learned nothing at all. He keeps reciting the ridiculous passages from his old TED Talks.

He is completely unaware that this has nothing to do with biological viruses, which our immune systems have evolved to control. He finds it incomprehensible that confronting the virus and building immunity is the best course of action for healthy individuals. He is horrified by that notion, favoring instead the development of more injectable medications instead.

He also didn't understand how all viruses, whether they came from laboratories or the natural world, had to abide by the epidemiological dynamics of pathogenic spread. The less likely they are to spread, the deadlier they are. The opposite is also true: the less severe they are, the more common they are, like COVID.

The cause is straightforward: a pathogen requires a living host. Yes, there are other factors, like latency, which refers to how long the virus remains in the host before causing crippling symptoms. Anything else that manages to evade this matrix cannot be produced in a lab.

Bill Gates is a pure evil person who has been deceived by the appearance of Lucifer's fallen army. Perhaps he is even possessed. However, who am I to condemn? I advise treating anything this guy says with a very high level of skepticism.

Soros and Gates collaborate. The destruction of powerful nations is Soros's aim. Gates wants to start pandemics so he can profit even more from pharmaceutical deals, particularly Pfizer, in which he holds the majority of the stock. They are both  Satan Soldiers From HELL.

What else would we expect from the Gates of Hell

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